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Saturday, March 11, 2006

LOVE ME TWO TIMES I'M GOING AWAY So Titan Tom Glavine signed a contract with the Mets and then sat down with his ex, the Braves and John Schuerholtz in paticular, and tired to reconcile. I'm not shocked since Glavine never wanted to leave the Braves in the first place but wanted to paid like a number 1 pitcher and the way he performed for the Mets the first two years of his deal you could tell he was miserable. But last year he seemed to finally get comfortable with playing for the Mets and playing in NYC. But you can still se his heart is still in Atlanta: "{No, not for me," Glavine said. "I don't know if it does for [Schuerholz]. I'm not really worried about that right now. I've put all my attention on trying to have a good year and then I'll deal with where, not so much where I'm at, but where my family is at when the year is over. ... That's the way I'm going to leave it. No one person or no one thing is going to influence that. "I'm not going to say anything bad. I'm not going to burn any bridges. That's not my style. It never has been. Like I said, all I can tell you is I've never denied it was a hard choice for me, but I've enjoyed the heck out of playing here." } Obviously his heart is still in Atlanta but if the John Schuerholz didn't want Glavine at his price 3 years ago why would he want him in '07? And if he went back to the Braves, well you know the old saying "You can't go home again". The biggest plus for Glavine staying a Met is he's comfortable. I think the fans are comfortable with him too. When he signed with the Mets I was pissed because he was a Brave and I was embarrassed as a Mets fan that they had to wine and dine him then over pay him to come here. But I have to say Galvine has grown on me as in a prior post I said I see him winning 17 games and being a serious Cy Young candidate. It's gotten to the point where now I hope he wins his 300th game as a Met and never thought I'd ever say that. < |