The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, March 26, 2006

LOTS OF HAPPENINGS DOWN IN ST. LONESOME The big news of course is that Petey pitched great, 3IP 1BB 2K 0 runs in his spring debut. The real results will be tomorrow when we find out how that right toe responds. The other big story of the game was The Zambrano Project going a spectacular 6 innings. I was shocked when Willie let Zambrano hit for himself in the 7th and then in the 9th wilt Pedro Feliciano warming up, he and Professor Rick let Zambrano go out to finish the 8-0 ass kicking of Kris Benson and the Birds. But the juicy stories after the game come from Marty Noble's notebook, lets begin: AARON HEILMAN ACE RELIEVER WOW! It looks as though that last start yesterday by Brain Bannister where he didn't have his good stuff but showed ONIONS! on the mound seems to have sealed his spot in the rotation. According to a deep throat in the baseball operations the Mets feel a pen of Wagner, Heilman, Sanchez, Julio, Bradford and one of the lefties (I'll say either Feliciano or Ring) would be a lights out pen. Omar feels that none of the starters will go much more the 6 or 7 innings so the pen will we called on a lot and with Heilman showing the goods last season in the pen why ruin a good thing. Plus Bannister seems to have proves that AAA is a waste of time for him. AHERN WINS THE JOB Due to his defense. The question is who did Jeff Keppinger piss off that he has not even been given consideration? THE ROLE OF DAN WHEELER WILL BE PLAYED BY HEATH BELL Bell is another player who gets no love from Willie and Omar but other teams scouts sem to love him. Especially Tampa Bay. I watched some of the D-Rays-Highlanders game of Fox Sports Florida and Rays manager Joe Maddon gave an unbelievable interview with the broadcasts field reporter. He was so sure in his answers and very up beat. If Bell could get to the Rays he'd excel as their closer. < |