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Sunday, March 12, 2006

LIMA ALMOST OUT OF TIME From today's New York Times on Jose Lima: {Lima, who went 5-16 for Kansas City last season, made his debut in a Mets uniform Saturday against a lineup of Marlins with little or no major league experience. It was a lineup that any pitcher with major league aspirations would be expected to handle, and the 33-year-old Lima did so for three innings, allowing no hits and two base runners. In the fourth, the Marlins put together a four-run rally against him. Mets Manager Willie Randolph, General Manager Omar Minaya and the pitching coach Rick Peterson all praised Lima's efforts. But Lima remains a long shot to take the fifth starter's job from Aaron Heilman.} HUH? Forget longshot for the 5th starters spot, Lima's a longshot to make this team. He pitched against a bunch of bushers yesterday and sure he did well in 3 innings before the roof caved in. As much fun as it would be to have Lima Time around he won't get a spot. How about this from David Wright: {"As a hitter, you hate seeing that Electric Slide move after he strikes somebody out," Mets third baseman David Wright said. "But as a fielder, it fires you up. On the bench, sometimes you want to quiet him up a little bit. But he brings a lot of energy, and it rubs off on a lot of guys. He's the complete opposite of a prototypical starting pitcher. Most guys sit in their space and don't say anything. He gets in your face and talks about whatever he talks about. And he wants feedback." } How savvy is out boy Wright? He's telling us that Lima's antics are very annoying but as long as he with the Mets it's all good. You can tell from Wright's comments that on a hot day in August playing the last series of long road trip, that someone on the team may crack Lima with a Louisville Slugger if he serenades them on the bench. < |