The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, March 04, 2006

KAZMAT ON THIN ICE Kaz Matsui sure didn't help his cause last night by making an error on a chopper that allowed a run to score in the 3rd inning. You would think if this guy had any pride at all, he bust his ass to make plays and do things on the bases to send a message to Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya to take the trade talk and shove it up their ass's. But he doesn't have that in him and now the list of guys the Mets want at 2nd base keeps growing and growing. Add in Jose Vidro to the list of AHern, Keppinger, Woody, Soriano, Tony G and a few of St. Lonesome's best Little Leaguers. With all this where is Matsui's fire? I know that Asian players have a far different attitude than the American or the Latin player but does this guy have pulse. What does he need to get himself motivated? The manager and GM think you suck. In fact they think you suck so much, they are willing to beg the owners to eat your $8mil salary for the betterment of the team, and what do you do? Back up their view of you by making an error that scores a run. I can just see Omar telling Jeffy "see, see please Jeff please let me give him his release". You know what even if the Mets released him, I don't think anyone would take him for even a minimum salary. The Mets run the risk of keeping Matsui due to the money he's owed. The fans all know that. So if your the Skill Sets do you want on opening day of a season that great things are expected of you team, have everyone on your team introduced to 55,000 screams and cheering them except for one guy? Kaz Matsui is Roger Cedeno all over again.,0,2756128.story?coll=ny-sports-headlines < |