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Thursday, March 09, 2006

ITEM: PETEY SI` PETEY NO Is he or isn't he the opening day starter? When is it too late for Petey to go April 3? When will the final decsion be made? Only Petey knows: {"I think I'm still on track. I know you guys probably heard that Glavine is on track if I don't make it," Martinez said after a 62-pitch bullpen session yesterday. "That's the way it's going to be for the rest of the spring training, until I decide that I'm going to jump in - of course letting Glavine know ahead of time, because he deserves that."} That's mighty nice of Petey isn't it? With all that Petey had his best day of spring training yesterday: {But make no mistake: Martinez made significant strides during the session back at the Mets' complex in Port St. Lucie - increasing his pitch count by 27 over his last session Saturday, incorporating changeups and two-seam fastballs, and reducing the delay between pitches to more closely resemble a game's pace.} So more pitches but no breaking balls yet. Hopefully he'll throw some curveballs in the next bullpen session and Monday actually pitch in an exhibtion game. If he does go Monday, then Petey is still ontrack for opening day: {Insiders have said Martinez needs to get into a game-type setting by Monday in order to remain on track for the April 3 opener against Washington at Shea. Martinez, who has started eight straight Opening Days, said he would be unfazed if Glavine replaced him.} Is it important that Petey pitches opening day or is it just for the psyche of the team? Espically with the born again Tom Glavine, if Petey pitches the second game of the season or if he misses his turn in the roatation is the pitching staff that fragile that the Mets are doomed if he misses a start? < |