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Monday, March 06, 2006

I had planned to put up a post about Petey's toe, Delgado's elbow, Loduca's hand and the fact that Willie Randolph shows more respect to Mike Pelfry than he does to David Wright but I can't find it. I thought I sent it from work but it's not here, hopefully it's on the my documents at work so I can post it up tomorrow. Sad news out of Arizona on the passing of Hall of Famer Kriby Puckett. A real shame, the poor guy was only 44 years old but he was dealing with some health issues for some time with the loss of sight in one eye due to glaucoma. Puckett also had some legal troubles as well stemming from an alledged assault of a woman. Still Puckett was one of the most loved athletes in the Twin Cities leading the Twins to two World Series championships. Even with his bowling ball shaped body he was a helluva an all round baseball player. R I P Kirby. < |