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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I CAN'T STAY LONG I feel like shit today as I'm fighting a respiratory problem for about a week now and I'm still no better. I'm popping antibiotics that are so large I think Man O' War was given these after the Belmont. But I got a few things on my very congested chest, so let me spew them out and then I'm hitting the couch to watch the tournament.

  • I am very happy that Cabelvision has reached a deal with SNY. In fact after I heard the news I immediately called SNY to beg for them to make a deal with DirecTV. The woman I spoke to (I didn't get her name as I called as soon as WFAN announced it I was working our communication desk dispatching inspectors to citizens complaints) told me to hold tight it could be soon. I asked her "when, when, when" she laughed and said very soon. Then some inspectors were calling in for hello so I had to hang up. But yesterday Verizon signed up and today Cablevision hopefully tomorrow DirecTV.

  • If there are two bigger dicks than Francessa and Russo in the media I've never met them. These two schmucks are killing Petey for answering the question about his starting on opening day with the truth. You know and I know and everyone involved with the Mets know that Titan Tommy will be the opening day starter. I don't mind the Mets getting criticzed when they deserve it but when these guys go out of their way to attack the organization by saying that Willie has no control over Pedro and that Pedro is calling the shots it just kills what little credibility they have. Even callers who identified themselves as non Mets fans told them they are very anti- Mets. It just a shame that WFAN is the only real local sports talk radio station in this town.

  • That's it I'm out. I think of calling Visting Nurse Service to come over and take care of me. (wink,wink)
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