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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

HOW DO YOU HANDLE A DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE? Jeff Keppinger is not very happy that he is on his way back to Norfolk. Kepp has a point here but what he has to remember is the Mets are looking for defense at 2nd base and when it comes down to that AHern wins that battle. While Kepp did give a bit of a sour answer when asked about going back to Norfolk he has to understand that other teams have seems him and maybe he gets shot some place else via trade: {Keppinger wasn't happy. He was asked if he believes he got a fair opportunity. "As far as starts-wise, probably not," Keppinger said. "At-bats-wise? Yeah, I got playing time." Hernandez is hitting .268 with two RBI in 56 at-bats over 20 games while Keppinger hit .279 with six RBI in 43 at-bats in 17 games. "I think I did a good job. I thought I was pretty solid," said Keppinger, who committed two errors to one for Hernandez. "I guess I'm not in the category they are looking for."} < |