The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, March 11, 2006

DOCTOR, DOCTOR GIVE ME THE NEWS So the list of the walking wounded in St. Lonesome has been updated. Paul LoDuca's right hand is better and he has resumed playing. Petey seems to be back on track, although I can't figure out what's up with these "personal days" he takes every week. Hopefully he will throw some breaking balls off the mound today and face live batters in a game enviroment on Monday or Tuesday. X Man had a tight hammy but that seems to be OK as his .471/.526/.647 and outstanding outfield play show. Cliff Floyd will have to monitor his situation all season but he says he feels great and his ready to go. That brings us to Carlos Delgado who flew in from Puetro Rico to see the Mets doctors in St. Lonesome. He was given treatment for the tendinits in his elbow and he still hasn't played in theWBC and has not hit a ball in anger since March 3 but he and Omar tells us not to worry he'll be fine by April 3. You know what happened to "Don't Worry"? He's doing 10-15 years at Attica (what do you think counselor? Don't worry we have this case won). The only thing with Delgado is he had this condition last year and it did not hurt his production so maybe, just maybe he's taking extra precuations here. The Zambrano Project had some soreness to his back and he came into camp to get checked and was given a clean bill of health. In fact he threw in the bullpen for his main man Professor Rick who said he was outstanding. Juan Padilla who look good in th epen last year seems headed for Tommy John surgery. See ya next year Juan. So it just seems like these are not very serious problems (excpet for Padilla and Floyd's could be) but just enough to keep Mets fans up at night. < |