The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, March 30, 2006

DIRECTV VS. SNY THE BATTLE CONTINUES I spoke to a customer service rep at DirecTV today and she told me that they are locked and loaded to give their subscribers SNY. The hold up is on the SNY side as they are trying to get DTV to pony up more money per subscriber than the cable companies have been charged. She also said this should be resovled shortly as DTV wants very much to air SNY. Now when you call SNY the receptionist is getting sick and tired of fielding the calls from DTV subscribers as she told me "I wish they would settle this already so the call volume drops" She then connected me to the one and only Meagan Bossett who must be sick of the calls as well as she let's here voice mail do all the work and has yet to master the art of the retrun phone call. I wish to hell I knew what was going on in Freddy Skill Sets head as his Sterling Entertainment is the majority owner of SNY and he's letting Time Warner and Comcast tell him what to do. < |