The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, March 27, 2006

DIRECTV VIEWERS STILL IN THE DARK OVER SNY I spoke with with a gentleman over at DirecTV today. He asked that I not use his name but I could forward the info. It seems the big holdup with SNY getting on DirecTV is coming from Time Warner and Comcast two of the partners along with Sterling (Skill Sets) Entertainment. It seems DirecTV wants to put SNY on as soon as possible as the fellow told me "We (DirecTV) are all about programming, especially sports" but TW and Comcast are playing hardball hoping that we DirecTV customers in the NY Metro Area will panic and dump DirecTV for cable. DirecTV is in a similar battle with Sports Time Ohio which is run in conjunction with the Cleveland Indians and TW Cable. The DirecTV spokesman told me this could go right down to opening day but they hope to reach an agreement very shortly . Why do I get the feeling I'm going to get to Howie Rose, Tom McCarthy and Ed (Grey Goose) Coleman very well this summer.

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