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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

BOY, TAKE A DAY OFF AROUND HERE AND YOU FALL BEHIND I have been up to my ears in processing air and noise violation for the DEP court docket (most of them noise summons due to the warm late January and February when bar and nite club owners kept their doors open and allowed loud music to permeate the dwellings of NYC citizens. That's a no-no.) so while I was processing my work, I was listening to the Philistines of Sports Radio (WFAN) and after a 10 hour work day add in traveling the NYC Transit System, I arrived home in comatose state. But after a good nights rest and a day off today I'm ready to look at some Mets goings on: SORIANO TO THE METS I could not believe the amount of misinformation that was floating from the radio yesterday between the dolts who call thenselves talk show hosts and the people who like staying on hold for over an hour to be called an idiot on Alfonso Soriano and his being traded to the Mets. Folks here it is in a nutshell. Sori makes $10mil for this season. KazMat makes $8mi for this year. KazMat is un-tradeable as the Nats don't want him as they already have a shortstop who sucks in Christian Guzman for a quarter of the price. Now even if you could obtain Sori for a box of baseballs do you think the Skill Sets would pay $18 million for TWO 2nd baseman, one of which will ride the pine for the bulk of the season? They'd rather give SNY away for free before the so this. Here is a link to Adam Rubin's story in today's Daily News that cover all the bases on why I can say Sori but no Sori WAGNER GIVES METS THE FINGER Billy Wagner is experiencing pain in the middle finger (near the knuckle) of his right hand. Wagner says it's no big deal but the headline of "Mets Shut Down Wagner" put a big skid mark in my boxer shorts. Wagner says he'll be fine to pitch Saturday as he has had this before (MRI show no structural damage to ligaments or cartilage) and no one in the Mets brain trust seems worried. So why do keep fearing that Wagner will announce his retirement on opening day?,0,5540851.story?coll=ny-sports-print MEGAN BOSSET WHY WON'T YOU CALL ME I've been happily married for 20 years so I'm not used to waiting by the phone for a woman to call me but Megan Bosset of SNY has not reutrned any of my numerous calls to her. Pleas Megan call I can be very charming. Anyway, still no SNY on DirecTV or Cablevision and still no explaination on why? (UPDATE: SNY has signed a deal with Verizon Fibos and it's TV division. Maybe this is the first of carriage deals that needs to get done before DirecTV and Dolanvision fall into place) < |