The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

AH BOONEY, WE HARDLY KNEW YE! Brett Boone has announced his retirement due to lack of desire. I'm glad Boone decided now was the best time to leave as he looked around camp and saw the unbridled enthusiasm of Jose Reyes: {Boone said a pivotal moment came when he watched 22-year-old shortstop Jose Reyes last week, gleefully coasting through drills even after four hours in the Florida sun. "He just kind of stared at me with that smile on his face," Boone said. "I said, 'That's what I remember.' Being a kid. He's got so much love right now for this game, and it's right on his sleeve. I know what he's feeling. "He can't wait to get to the ballpark and go to work, and that's awesome. That's what you need to be successful in this game, and if you don't have that, you're wasting everybody's time." } I know where Booney is coming from. It's like when I watch the twenty-something crowd going out for a night on the town and I miss those nights at Max's Kansas City and CBGB's topped off by a kinish and an egg cream at Dave's Lunchenonette. Ah the sweet fruits of my wayward youth. But I digress. This now leaves the competition to three at the second sack but I think Omar has a wayward eye toward Viera FL and on Alfonso Soriano. < |