The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, February 20, 2006

WILLIE GETIN' JIGGY WITH IT So Willie Randolph seems to be putting his stuck up Highlander ways behind him by saying that his music ban and intolerance of facial hair will be a bit relaxed this season. I think Willie took a look at the roster and saw there is a strong core of veteran players that look like they can control themselves (that could change if Lima Time make the team) plus I would hazard a guess that Omar himself may have whispered in his ear "hey this isn't the Bronx, lighten up a bit." Randolph also said he expects this Mets team to make the post season. UhWillie, that's a given don't you think? Anything less than a wild card berth would be a major failure. So it's not like he's going out on a limb here.Of all he times I've killed the Skill Sets, what Willie said after being asked about the second base job showed me there is a commitment to winning and if KazMat does not impress in the spring he'll be a goner: {Matsui's contract notwithstanding, Randolph said second base is wide open, with Matsui, Bret Boone, Anderson Hernandez and Jeff Keppinger all battling for the position. The manager said the incumbent has no advantage, and the Mets are willing to cut their losses for the sake of the big picture."I view it as a real competition," Randolph said. "You have to go out and win the job. I've been told by management to play the best.''} If KazMat is cut, Freddy Skill Sets could just deduct the cash from Bruce Wilpon's inheritance < |