The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

WILL THIS BE THE YEAR THE GOOD GUYS WIN? Jon Heyman has a piece today on how this Mets team will not be hard to root for. In fact this team looks like it has the goods to be one those that NYC takes to it's ample bosom. What's not to like? The team is owned and operator by "New York guys". The owner, GM and manager have not forgotten where they came from and are not embarrassed to to tell you how proud they are of it. In David Wright and Jose Reyes you have two young guys who have an old school work ethic, something that David Stern would give his left nut for in the NBA. If any policing needs to be done there are now veterans who will keep law and order in LoDuca, Floyd, Delgado and Papa Franco. That was one ingredient that was sorely missing from past Mets teams and although we all loved Mike Piazza, leadership was, to put it mildly, not his strong suit and his departure is as much a plus as his arrival was back in 1998. As Mets fans we are always leery of our team and past history shows why but this team is not only easy to root for but they're good, damn good as good as any team in the NL. I know we are all supposed to say "well until we beat the Braves that will prove how good the Mets are" Well you know what? Fuck the Braves! and the Phillies and LaRussa's and his Cardinals. The Mets will be the team to beat this year how about that! It's time for the Mets and Mets fans to take the baseball world by it's collective nuts and squeeze them hard and show them all that THE METS ARE BACK!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!,0,3777086.column?coll=ny-sports-print < |