The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What would have happened if Darryl Strawberry had the solid family structure the Lastings Milledge enjoys? Milledge's mom and dad follow him around the bushes in a Winnebago to make sure he walks the straight and narrow. Ever since the Mets investigated his dalliance with a young lady in high school (and were convinced it was not the big deal the school or the media made it out to be) Milledge hasn't even ripped a tag off a new pillow. But Darryl Strawberry has been reduced to a walking public service announcement for the damage that drinking, drugs and illicit sex can do to you. Straw is right, he was more talented than Milledge is or most likely will be. No one had the power and speed that Straw had but he never had anyone to show him how to handle fame and fortune. All he had was a group of enablers who dumped him when the days got dark. It seems the one place Milledge has Straw beat is in maturity and that will lead him to a longer and more prosperous career than Strawberry had. Sad. < |