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Friday, February 24, 2006

RUMOR MILLEDGE Jon Heyman has a few words on the Mets number one prospect Lastings Milledge and states some facts and a bit of fiction. First the facts, Milledge is a bon fide top prospect that the Mets are very high on. In fact someone in the Mets regime told Heyman that Milledge will be the left Fielder in 2007. He has shown that he should be a 40 stolen base player with power and is being compared to Gary Shefield (hopefully without the sour puss). He has an unbelievable first step in the outfield and even though he is a natural center fielder he has no problem playing to the left of Carlos Beltran. He is indebted to the Mets for drafting him after rumblings about his youthful indiscretions with a female during high school. Since joining the Mets, Milledge has been a solid citizen on and off the field. He even went so far to go to Willie Randolph and ask him if he needed to get a haircut as all he wants to do is fit in. The fiction? Heyman thinks only a handful of Mets fans know about Milledge when we all know that Milledge has been the top topic of conversation by die hard Mets fans on the blogs and message boards and has been from the day he was drafted. That�s one thing the main stream media never gives fans and bloggers credit for, we do our homework and read every little tidbit we can about not just the big league team but all of the teams that make up this organization. The only people who don�t know a lot about Milledge are the casual fans who wait until the winning starts to grab a seat on the bandwagon. Yes not all of us can follow the exploits of Lastings Milledge and his fellow minor leaguers in person as we have to pay mortgages, deal with family commitments and go to jobs that pay real money, but we do read John Sickels, Will Lingo and Jim Callis to name a few guys who do cover the minor leagues and it�s their opinions we hold highly. Maybe I�m being a little sensitive in thinking that Heyman comes off as a bit condescending in this article as most of it is very positive about Milledge and how the Mets are very high on him but sometimes I feel the main streamers think they are the only one allowed to have an opinion around here.,0,5218880.column?coll=ny-sports-print WILLIE�S TEAM Just from reading the dispatches from Pt. St. Lonesome, I get a sense that Willie Randolph is much more relaxed and comfortable in the job as Mets manager. Last year a lot folks and myself included took Willie to task over some strategic maneuvers that made us scratch our heads and question the moves. But one thing you cannot underestimate about Randolph is he has the utmost respect of his players and he is the leader of this team. When Cliff Floyd says �We know as a team he has our backs� that speaks volumes about Randolph. Randolph has shown some flexibility as well this spring as he has cut down the length of the workouts, let the music play in the clubhouse and relaxed the rules on facial hair a bit which shows me the Randolph ahs grown in the job. Now all he has to do is bat Beltran 2nd and Wright 3rd so then I�ll run trough a brick wall for him as well.,0,7506925.story?coll=ny-sports-print SECOND BASE TO NONE I don�t know maybe I�m off base here but Ben Shpigel feels the race for the Mets 2nd base job goes as follows: KazMat Bret Boone Jeff Keppinger Anderson Hernandez Julio Lugo-dark horse My ranking is: KazMat-He has to step up unbelievably big to grab it Anderson Hernandez-it�s the defense stupid! Jeff Keppinger-If the knee is healthy could make a big move to the top Ken Boswell-A helluva a fielder Felix Milian-A helluva contact hitter Bret Boone-Fork please I don�t think Boone has any chance at all to win the job as watching stumble around with the Twins last year was disturbing. Matsui really has to pull a huge effort, as Willie Randolph is not a member of the KazMat Fan Club: {�I can say to you: �The job is his�. But what does that mean?� Randolph said of Matsui. �If someone comes in and plays much better, then I�m going to pick the best guy�} As if that wasn�t enough, after KazMat took Billy Wagner yard, Willie was not impressed: {�He probably just got lucky and walked in on it� Randolph said} Boy, Willie is starting to sound like the fans. < |