The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, February 20, 2006

PETEY'S STILL SIDELINED What I don't get is his toe hurt in September and he missed his last three starts of last season, you would think from late September to the middle of February, someone in the Mets hierarchy would have been working on some sort of solution, a new shoe, a cushioning in the shoe, amputation, something to alleviate the right toe troubles of Petey. Then Omar tells the media and fan base to basically to move along nothing to see here everything is fine. Well, everything is not fine and won't be fine until I see Petey on a pitchers mound and throwing. This guy is a creature of habit who has his own way of getting ready for a season and is now behind on his schedule. So yes Omar we all know what month it is but can you tells us why it's taken so long to get a shoe, or an innersole or anything to get Petey back on the mound?

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