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Sunday, February 12, 2006

MORE METS CONNECTION IN TAMPA Pete Abraham has a nice peice this morning on the new owner of the Tampa Bay Kazmirs, Stu Sternberg. Sternberg is a Brooklyn boy now living in Westchester who grew up a Mets fan and tried to buy into the Skill Set inner sanctum but instead got his shot at being a baseball owner with an over throw of the Namoli regime. Sternberg seems to be on the right track in Tampa by offering free parking and allowing fan to bring there own food to the ball park. I bet Stu was like the rest of us middle aged Mets fans who packed a sandwhich and a soda (with aluminun foil around it of course) and headed for the 7 train for an afternoon at Shea. There is on paragraph in the story that makes me wonder about Sternberg as a researcher: {Sharing a luxury suite with Steinbrenner once seemed like a remote possibility for Sternberg, who grew up a Mets fan in Canarsie the youngest of three children. A center fielder in high school, he hoped to play in college but wasn't enough of a hitter for St. John's. He majored in economics but eventually dropped out of night school, weary of taking courses in Catholic theology and philosophy. "Those were requirements, and for a Jewish fellow, it seemed like a bit much at the time," he said. "I went to work."} I'm sure the Vincentians would have made allowances for a Mitzvah tank on campus. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |