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Friday, February 10, 2006

MEET ANDY WOGAN Who? Andy Wogan. He is thE Mets new Director of Minor Leagues Operations. He is a Minaya operative from the Omar's Montreal days and he takes over for Kevin Morgan, who goes into a hands on postion in the Mets Minor League system: {Some of the same concepts are applied to his staff which includes Morgan, Wogan's predecessor. After four years on the job, Morgan has been assigned an on-field position, coordinator of instruction for the Minor Leagues. He is to oversee the continuity and consistency of instruction from the Major Leagues down through the Minor Leagues. i.e., help reinforce the Mets' way of doing things.} You don't how happy that last paragraph makes me. I've ranted for about two years now that the Mets need to have continuity throughout the system and it seems that Omar feels the same way. Also in the story was a little pop for Little Al Jackson (With the Mets from 1962-65 and then back again in 1968-69 )who has to be the longest tenured person in the Mets organization. It seems Jackson was the one who got Aaron Heilman on the right road: {Sometimes, it's new eyes. Sometimes it's eyes that have seen so much. Al Jackson, an original Met, once the club's pitching coach and a consultant, was not unfamiliar with Heilman last spring when Heilman's Major League readiness was in question. But Jackson detected a similarity between Heilman's old delivery and that of the late Don Drysdale and played a role in the decision that Heilman probably would benefit from returning to the arm slot he used at Notre Dame.} (TO POST A MESSAGE PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |