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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jon Heyman touches on items that are of interest to him this spring: Will Roger Clemens return, and for whom?

{For a while, I was almost sure Clemens was coming back at age 43. Then his agent publicly said Clemens probably will retire (again) ... and, of course, that's exactly when I knew for sure he would return.}

MFClemens has a lot of male figure skater in him.

Will Barry Bonds make good on his stated intention to drop 25 pounds, then stay healthy long enough to eclipse the home-run marks of Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron? And, does anyone care anymore?

{Although Rafael Palmeiro and Sammy Sosa appear to finally have crashed and burned, the belief is that Bonds is such a remarkable hitter/athlete, he can legitimately hit the 48 dingers needed to overtake Aaron. It may take him into next season, and Major League Baseball will probably pretend it didn't happen when it does. But don't expect him to back down or slink away. Bonds' ego isn't slimming down any time soon, even if he does.}

Bonds has never tested possitive for steroids. But in the court of public opinion, where no one needs evidence, Bonds is guilty of being a juicer just from his appearence. To me the biggest reason fans have a tough time acepting Bonds is that he is a joyless soul. I have never seen anyone doing something of such great accomplishment be so fucking misserable.

Bonds never smiles for the camera. Never jokes with the press. His teamates hate his guts. Talk about a guy in need of a shrink. A human development student could do a pretty good thesis on the psyche of Barry Bonds.

Will Pedro Martinez's right big toe be fit enough to allow him to be the ace the Mets need?

{Once he's all set with his specially designed pitching cleat, his specially designed feet pajamas and whatever else he needs, Pedro should be Pedro. The man has managed to pitch with a shoulder hanging by dental floss, so there's no shot a small thing like a podiatry problem will derail him.}

Petey's toe is hardly a small problem. If he starts to compensate for the pain in his toe by changing his pitching motion, he will definitely hurt his shoulder and the Mets will be up shit's creek without a paddle.

Can Mike Piazza find happiness in San Diego?

{The 62nd-round draft choice made a Hall of Fame career proving folks wrong, so don't be surprised by a decent year. Or at the very least, a better one than Paul Lo Duca, who's now followed Piazza in three locales and has yet to make folks forget him.}

I guess Heyman had Bengi Molina in the next Mets catchers pool

Was it Leo Mazzone or the system?

{The great John Smoltz already said that the Braves can do it without ol' Leo, and they're all acting like his dugout rocking was nothing more than a show.Maybe Mazzone isn't the mound magician we made him out to be, but if Atlanta finally burns, as I suspect it will (time for an admission: This is the eighth straight year I've made that prediction), they'll have to concede to a new nickname, at least: Lucky Leo. }

Great, now the Braves pitching staff has a mission, to prove it's the pitchers stupid!,0,3006694.column?coll=ny-yankees-print

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