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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I was set to post this yesterday but I met up with a few friends after work and needless so say by by the time I rolled in I wasn't ready to fire up the computer. PETEY�S TENDER TOE LEVEL IS AT 2 I�m going to start a Tender Toe Level for Petey like the Department of Homeland Security does for the nations terror alert. A level 1 or 2 is Petey feeling a slight discomfort. A 3 or 4 is noticeable pain that needs treatment. A Level 5 means Willie Randolph holds Petey down while Omar takes a hack saw to the right toe.,0,2420361.story?coll=ny-sports-print IF I WERE THE METS, I�D PUT KAZ MATSUI�S BAGS ON THE CURB So KazMat shows up with the former strength coach of the Seibu Lions and drops off his luggage and decides to go train off site with his trainer. Way to go Kaz, the way you and Bret Boone are handling this 2nd base job, young Anderson Hernandez will just need to show up to gain the job. SOME LEFTITES ARE BEST LEFT WHERE YOU FOUND THEM. As a fellow portsider, it kills me to trash the lefthanded relievers in Mets camp but from reading Adam Rubin today in the Daily News, it�s slim pickings in that department. Hopefully Willie is over that taking a leftie for taking a lefties sake and go with the 6 or 7 best arms in camp. NO OWNER, NO BALL PARK, NO NAME? It seems that MLB is locked in a nasty fight over the name of the Washington D.C. entry in the National League, known as the Nationals. It seems the U.S. Patent office granted a company by the name of Bygone Sports, the trademark to the name Nationals. Bygone Sports it seems makes throwback apparel and with the patent only Bygone Sports can make Nationals shirts, caps and any other memorabilia with Nationals on it. Before the patent office gave Bygone the go ahead, they offered the name to MLB for $130,000. But of course, MLB put this on the back burner and now that Bygone has the patent they want over $1 mil plus free advertising on A judge will rule on this on April 3, which is opening day, on who gets to monogram NATIONALS on their shirts. < |