The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I BET WILLIE THINKS IT A GOOD IDEA TO LET THE UNITED ARAB EMERTIS RUN OUR PORTS AS WELL. I want to be a Willie Randolph supporter, I really do. But there are times I just scratch my head and wonder if Willie gets it. Like when it comes to the lineup: {"When I see Carlos in the big picture, he's a guy we've invested a lot in,"Randolph said. "He's going to hit wherever I put him. But I see him prototypically as a guy who is going to be in the meat of our order."Randolph indicated he hasn't ruled out Beltran hitting second, and that thecenter fielder would find himself in that slot sporadically.} "he's a guy we've invested a lot in". So I guess Willie is going with the Chris Russo method of putting a line up together, the guy who makes the most money bats 3rd. Pass me a Guinness, Brilliant!!! Lets see, Reyes gets on, steals 2nd, nah why would I want a guy with gap power up next (Beltran) when I can have a slow on the decline hitter like LoDuca up instead. {Some fans bristled as Randolph batted Wright seventh 40 times in'05. The manager countered that Wright might not have had as good a year had the manager not protected the youngster by placing him down in the order early in the season. {Those No. 7 days are gone, but Randolph still will be protective."No one really gave me credit for doing what I did. They just criticized me," Randolph said. "There was a little method to my madness, if you will.This year is going to be the same thing. I feel confident he can handle it,but I still want to make sure going into the season that we don't just feel like, 'Okay, he had a great year last year, so, bam, he should be here.' I want to guard against that, because you still need to turn the page and get into the season and see how things look. Listen, David is a big boy. He proved a lot last year. But he needs to still grow and make adjustments." } Willie you keep thinking like that and Ken Oberkfell will be managing the Mets by July. Wright is the best hitter on the team and should be told "here's the 3 spot, enjoy the next 15 years" but Willie thinks he sending tough love to Wright. Please. In a crazy way I wish the Mets would go and get Soriano, just to have someone around to tell Willie shove the tought love. The only adjustment Wright is going to need is on the mantel in his home for his MVP trophy. < |