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Sunday, February 05, 2006

HYMNS FROM HEYMAN John Heyman as always as some interesting tidbits in his Sunday column: Mike Piazza might have helped the Yankees, but it was nice to see George Steinbrenner let Brian Cashman do his job when agent Dan Lozano called. Cashman polled 20 Yankees scouts, and from what I hear, the vote was 17-3 against.Gene Michael is back in vogue with Cashman's newfound power, and it was Michael who spearheaded the anti-Piazza vote. Michael believes Andy Phillips could be like Kevin Millar was for the Red Sox (in his good years), which means 20 homers and 80 RBIs.Joe Torre wasn't necessarily against Piazza. But he raised a concern about dedicating the DH spot to one person when he envisions rotating the older Yankees, notably Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi. As much as I hate the Highlanders, I have very hig regard for Stick Michael and knowing that he is back in the Highlander picture is not good news for Highlander Haters like myself. Again I don�t know what films of Mikey P the Pads were looking at but they could not have been from the last two years.,0,2383528.column?coll=ny-sports-print < |