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Sunday, February 26, 2006

GAMA GAMA GAMONS From baseball's newest blogger: {�? I agree with Jeff Wilpon: This whole thing about "The Latin Mets" reverse racism and the Mets amounts to blatant racism. "I can't remember one time in a meeting when it came up whether or not a player was Latin," says Wilpon. Yeah -- like trading for Paul Lo Duca rather than signing Bengie Molina or Ramon Hernandez. The Mets have a lot of Latin players. Good. Great. The club is a heckuva lot better now than it was two years ago, and the fact that Jose Reyes is fourth on the team in continual service speaks volumes about the Omar Minaya-fueled turnover. Carlos Delgado being questioned about his character because he did not choose to make an outward sign of an inward grace -- standing for a patriotic song during the seventh-inning stretch -- because of a legitimate concern about U.S. testing off Puerto Rico? What is more American: Blind patriotism or dissent? Here is a man whose parents have given their lives to social work and he has been a model teammate. Pedro Martinez's work habits being questioned because he may not be ready to pitch in the World Baseball Classic? I'm not sure I've ever met anyone more patriotic than Martinez, in the sense of doing for his fellow countrymen rather than wave a flag. He has built two churches, a school, an athletic complex complete with daycare center, as well as several houses for poor people near the family finca in Monaguayabo, Dominican Republic. Minaya may have players he especially likes, but everyone does. Mets fans don't care if their players come from Boulder or Birmingham, Bogota or Bayamon, as long as the Mets matter. Which, once again, they do. Omar says he had to go to two years to sign Julio Franco, now 47 (Celsius). "I want him in our organization," says Minaya. "He can be like a coach now, but he wants to eventually manage and I want him in the Mets organization." Unlike most major-league players who think they should start coaching in the majors, Franco says "I want to play until I'm 50, then go to rookie ball and earn my way to the majors as a manager."} It was bitter cold this morning but nothing warms a baseball fans heart more than the day his teams tickets go on sale. Even though I was headed to Brooklyn today and thought about heading to the left on the Verazano-Narrows Bridge to the Belt Parkway two exits to KeySpan Park I went online instead.Fueledd by coffee and a bagel, I hunkered down to get tickets for opening day. I already have a six pack plan plus I figure to mooch tickets off my family and friends who toil in the corporate world but I have been to the opening day at Shea for something like 20 years in a row and now that my son is a bit older, it has become our rite of spring. In fact it's the only day of school he ever misses. So it was to my amazement that I was able to secure two seats for April 3 against the Nats. You can keep your ground hogs and your Farmer's Almanac, the sure sign to me that spring is around the corner is when I have my tickets to opening day. < |