The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, February 12, 2006

THE EDUCATION OF WILLIE RANDOLPH Bob Sikes, a former Mets trainer has a blog called getting paid to watch. He has a post about the possitive influence it will be to have Rickey Henderson in camp as an instructor: {Some observers have commented that they found Ricky's presence curious;that Randolph can already do this. This is true to an extent, but managers don't want to commit themselves to hands on instruction in spring training. They just can't give it the time it requires. Managers are just too busy with meetings, the press, and being able to observe. Coaches in all sports benefit from watching their players get instruction and training from others. This is one of the reasons you see so many extra coaches in camp. } Remember last spring when Randolph ran his first training camp as Mets manager? He was all over the St. Lonesome complex trying to run every drill. It seems Randolph has learned that as the boss, he has other duties to fullfill and will now leave the coaching to the coaches. His job is to ovesee the whole workout process and jump in from time to time with a little hands on help. His biggest job is to deal with the tons of media he has to accomadate as the manager of a NYC professional sports team. That and go over the coaches evaluations and work with Omar in bringing the best 25 players up north come April. Between having his coaching staff plus Rickey, Dykstra, Carter, and Strawberry in camp, Willie has enough guys to go around. The way Willie works this years camp will tell us if he's learnd a few things from his "rookie"season. < |