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Thursday, February 16, 2006

DO THOSE SHOES COME WITH A MATCHING BAG? So Petey's new cleats finally made to St.Lonesome and they still need a bit of tweaking. Mike Herbst, the Mets asst. trainer had to put a gel insert into the shoe and it seems that a cleat under the tender toe is bothersome. But the good news is Petey was able to start throwing and he stated his arm, shoulder and back are in tiptop shape but it will take a little time to get used to the new show and hopefully lessen the pain in the toe. Could it be the Mets post season hopes hinge on a shoe and a toe? HOT WAGS Billy Wagner claims he gets off to slow starts in the spring, but it seems he was popping the ball in the mid 90's and impressing Rick Peterson. Wagner also took up the mantle as bullpen leader by saying his bullpen mates have better stuff than most of the closers in the big leagues. Ah camaraderie!,0,5310778.story?coll=ny-mets-print CASA DE WILPON The Daily News has a sneak peak at what will be included in the new home of the Mets. : An Ebbets Field like rotunda that will be a gathering spot for pre and post game activities A Left Field glass enclosed restaurant for the swells A restaurant behind home plate that will be open to the great unwashed 60 suites The upper deck will have a canopy on the roof The plan seems to moving along as there will be a public hearing in Flushing on February 27 and from there the cranes and construction crews should be ready for action this summer. THE COMEBACK OF CHANNEL 9 Back in the day, Ch.9 in NYC was THE place on your TV dial for great entertainment. The Mets, Knicks, Rangers, and Islanders call it home. The NY Jets broadcast all their exhibition games on WOR-9 as well. It was the place for sports before cable. (Now I will really date myself. Back when cable TV was just a fantasy to all but the residents of Manhattan, movie theatres feared the "pay TV" movement. They theater owners used too urge moviegoers to sign petitions to "STOP PAY TV") It seems now that Ch9, which was, know as UPN 9 will be no more as Time Warner and UPN have merged and Ch 11 will get all the new WB programming. Whatever the decsion is with Ch9 I just hope that a comeback of the Joe Franklin Show and the Million Dollar Movie are part of it,0,2384664.column?coll=ny-television-headlines check out this link just for the song at least .........AND STILL LIFE CONTINUES TO GO ON IN BROOKLYN < |