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Monday, February 27, 2006

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SETS Looks like the Dolan�s won�t be messing with the Skill Sets as Cablevision has reached a tentative agreement to carry SNY. That�s good news for folks in parts of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx as well as parts of New Jersey and just about all of Long Island. Hopefully, now SNY and DirecTV will reach an agreement very soon as well because as a DirecTV subscriber, I�m getting a little antsy. I figure DirecTV would carry SNY as they have every other regional sports channel but I have no patients and I WANT TO KNOW NOW!!!!!! Sorry for yelling,0,1404012.story?coll=ny-sports-print YOU�RE AS COLD AS ICE YOUR READY TO PAY THE PRICE I�M SURE Why anyone would want to camp out for 5 days outside Shea just to be the first one on line when tickets go on sale is lost on me. Especially a 19 year old who I hope had a companion with him to get through the cold Flushing nights but be that as it may, over 700 people stood in line in frigid conditions to by Mets tickets. The Mets report the sold over 130, 000 tickets yesterday and expect over 3.5 million fans to pass through the turnstiles this summer. With the Mets looking for a big year at the gate, there is a good possibility that combine with the Rat Bastards of the Bronx; New York City can beat out the L.A./Anaheim duo for the highest attendance for a two team town. Last year L.A./Anaheim drew a bit over 7million fans while NYC drew just a shade under 7 million. That�s a lot of asses in the seats. GOOD BYE ROSIE, THE QUEENS OF CORONA SEE ME AND JULIO DOWN BY THE SCHOOL YARD Today�s spotlight is on the set up men, mostly on Jorge Julio. Julio got his visa set and joined his new teammates yesterday for some soft tossing. Julio has a live arm but he needs to get a little tougher between the ears. A lot of his problems are very similar to Armando Benitez. He pitches from behind too much, he is in love with the readings on the radar gun, he worries too much how and when he�s going to be used. But even with all that, I feel he�ll make more of a contribution that the extremely overrated Kris Benson would have if he were still in the Mets rotation. The troika of Chad Bradford, Jorge Julio and Duaner Sanchez are the keys to the success of the Mets season. For me I think Sanchez is going to be terrific in the set up role for Billy Wagner and as the occasional closer on days Wagner needs a break. Sanchez is not only a workhorse but he has some swagger and seems to be fearless, something that has been missing for a while in Queens. Add that to his plus fastball and ever improving change up, Sanchez will have Mets fans saying Jae Seo? So what! < |