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Thursday, February 23, 2006

DAY OF DELGADO Round and round we go what player gets profiled to death no one knows, no one that is but the Mets beat writers. Today�s beat to death profile in all the rags is of new first baseman Carlos Delgado. The best of these for me was Ben Shpigel of the NY Times who showed the close relationship between Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran even though the only thing they have in common is being from Puerto Rico and playing baseball. Delgado has said he will reside in Manhattan because he loves living in the city whereas Beltran, after moving four times last season, had a house built on Long Island and seem very happy to living la vida suburbia. Delgado is a bit of a Renascence man as he loves the arts, and studies the events of the world and can turn on a fastball with the best of them. Beltran is more of blend in with the sceneary kind of guy. Hey what ever works. If having Delgado and a new home keep Beltran happy and productive that�s all that counts. KEEP OUT!!! THIS MEANS YOU!!!! Willie Randolph has made it known that KazMat�s personal trainer Toru Kumazawa is persona non grata in the Mets clubhouse: {�We don�t allow personal trainers and extra coaches to come in,� Willie Randolph said. �If they do it away from the field, that�s fine, but not at Shea or on the road or anything like that.�} It�s quite clear that Randolph would love to give KazMat his walking papers and now with this trainer of his lurking around, Willie would love to put his foot in both their arses. WHO LET THE PUCKHEAD IN? I guess Larry Brooks of the NY Post is wanted for some sort of peccadillo in Italy as he is not at the Olympics covering hockey but instead he�s at Port St. Lonesome following the Mets second base saga. Problem is Brooks is clueless when it comes to the subject of the Mets second base situation: {And we haven�t yet gotten to Anderson Hernandez, the 23 year old whose future as the Mets second baseman probably isn�t here yet but could arrive in June.} HUH? June? Larry, AHern is ready right now. Defensively there is no one in camp as good with the glove than Hernandez. If he hits in spring and KazMat adds to his staure in the nation of Suckdom, Hernandez will be at second base on April 3rd. Then our Mr. Brooks hits us with this nugget: {�So it will be either Matsui or Boone, only one of whom will be booed at home before he takes his first at bat of the season.} Boone? I�ve come to the conclusion that Boone is in camp just so he can prove to himself once and for all that he�s done. This way he will have no regrets when the Mets release him in the middle of March. PETEY TERROR TOE RATING 2 Still no change in the right toe of Petey. He long tossed and is still on track to throw of the front of the mound on Saturday. Petey�s spot on Team Dominican is in peril but not to worry as Mel Rojas could step in at a moments notice. < |