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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

BARRY BONDS TESTS POSITIVE FOR ESTROGEN;_ylt=Ait4f7E76RN4ijLLPPUHHwlmWscF;_ylu=X3oDMTA3dmhrOGVvBHNlYwNzc20- Bonds in a rare display of camaraderie, joined his teammates in an American Idol like charity performance in Scottsdale. Bonds came out of the dugout to portray Paula Abdul. What's sad is Barry has bigger tits than Paula <


What would have happened if Darryl Strawberry had the solid family structure the Lastings Milledge enjoys? Milledge's mom and dad follow him around the bushes in a Winnebago to make sure he walks the straight and narrow. Ever since the Mets investigated his dalliance with a young lady in high school (and were convinced it was not the big deal the school or the media made it out to be) Milledge hasn't even ripped a tag off a new pillow. But Darryl Strawberry has been reduced to a walking public service announcement for the damage that drinking, drugs and illicit sex can do to you. Straw is right, he was more talented than Milledge is or most likely will be. No one had the power and speed that Straw had but he never had anyone to show him how to handle fame and fortune. All he had was a group of enablers who dumped him when the days got dark. It seems the one place Milledge has Straw beat is in maturity and that will lead him to a longer and more prosperous career than Strawberry had. Sad. <

I BET WILLIE THINKS IT A GOOD IDEA TO LET THE UNITED ARAB EMERTIS RUN OUR PORTS AS WELL. I want to be a Willie Randolph supporter, I really do. But there are times I just scratch my head and wonder if Willie gets it. Like when it comes to the lineup: {"When I see Carlos in the big picture, he's a guy we've invested a lot in,"Randolph said. "He's going to hit wherever I put him. But I see him prototypically as a guy who is going to be in the meat of our order."Randolph indicated he hasn't ruled out Beltran hitting second, and that thecenter fielder would find himself in that slot sporadically.} "he's a guy we've invested a lot in". So I guess Willie is going with the Chris Russo method of putting a line up together, the guy who makes the most money bats 3rd. Pass me a Guinness, Brilliant!!! Lets see, Reyes gets on, steals 2nd, nah why would I want a guy with gap power up next (Beltran) when I can have a slow on the decline hitter like LoDuca up instead. {Some fans bristled as Randolph batted Wright seventh 40 times in'05. The manager countered that Wright might not have had as good a year had the manager not protected the youngster by placing him down in the order early in the season. {Those No. 7 days are gone, but Randolph still will be protective."No one really gave me credit for doing what I did. They just criticized me," Randolph said. "There was a little method to my madness, if you will.This year is going to be the same thing. I feel confident he can handle it,but I still want to make sure going into the season that we don't just feel like, 'Okay, he had a great year last year, so, bam, he should be here.' I want to guard against that, because you still need to turn the page and get into the season and see how things look. Listen, David is a big boy. He proved a lot last year. But he needs to still grow and make adjustments." } Willie you keep thinking like that and Ken Oberkfell will be managing the Mets by July. Wright is the best hitter on the team and should be told "here's the 3 spot, enjoy the next 15 years" but Willie thinks he sending tough love to Wright. Please. In a crazy way I wish the Mets would go and get Soriano, just to have someone around to tell Willie shove the tought love. The only adjustment Wright is going to need is on the mantel in his home for his MVP trophy. <

Monday, February 27, 2006

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SETS Looks like the Dolan�s won�t be messing with the Skill Sets as Cablevision has reached a tentative agreement to carry SNY. That�s good news for folks in parts of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx as well as parts of New Jersey and just about all of Long Island. Hopefully, now SNY and DirecTV will reach an agreement very soon as well because as a DirecTV subscriber, I�m getting a little antsy. I figure DirecTV would carry SNY as they have every other regional sports channel but I have no patients and I WANT TO KNOW NOW!!!!!! Sorry for yelling,0,1404012.story?coll=ny-sports-print YOU�RE AS COLD AS ICE YOUR READY TO PAY THE PRICE I�M SURE Why anyone would want to camp out for 5 days outside Shea just to be the first one on line when tickets go on sale is lost on me. Especially a 19 year old who I hope had a companion with him to get through the cold Flushing nights but be that as it may, over 700 people stood in line in frigid conditions to by Mets tickets. The Mets report the sold over 130, 000 tickets yesterday and expect over 3.5 million fans to pass through the turnstiles this summer. With the Mets looking for a big year at the gate, there is a good possibility that combine with the Rat Bastards of the Bronx; New York City can beat out the L.A./Anaheim duo for the highest attendance for a two team town. Last year L.A./Anaheim drew a bit over 7million fans while NYC drew just a shade under 7 million. That�s a lot of asses in the seats. GOOD BYE ROSIE, THE QUEENS OF CORONA SEE ME AND JULIO DOWN BY THE SCHOOL YARD Today�s spotlight is on the set up men, mostly on Jorge Julio. Julio got his visa set and joined his new teammates yesterday for some soft tossing. Julio has a live arm but he needs to get a little tougher between the ears. A lot of his problems are very similar to Armando Benitez. He pitches from behind too much, he is in love with the readings on the radar gun, he worries too much how and when he�s going to be used. But even with all that, I feel he�ll make more of a contribution that the extremely overrated Kris Benson would have if he were still in the Mets rotation. The troika of Chad Bradford, Jorge Julio and Duaner Sanchez are the keys to the success of the Mets season. For me I think Sanchez is going to be terrific in the set up role for Billy Wagner and as the occasional closer on days Wagner needs a break. Sanchez is not only a workhorse but he has some swagger and seems to be fearless, something that has been missing for a while in Queens. Add that to his plus fastball and ever improving change up, Sanchez will have Mets fans saying Jae Seo? So what! <

Sunday, February 26, 2006

THANKS FOR THE HAPPY ENDING JOHN After reading this quote from John Smoltz have a urge for a cigarette: {"It's the Mets and then us," John Smoltz said as the Braves opened training camp about 100 miles away at Disney's Wide World of Sports. "They're definitely the favorites. No question." Then the Braves ace went even further. "They're the best team we've had to face so far," Smoltz said. "On paper, they are better than the Marlins were or the Phillies were or the Mets of the past were. They look loaded."} Hey John the money is on the night table. Then we have that noted fiction writer Larry Jones: {"Once again, everybody is picking someone else," Braves third baseman Chipper Jones said. "We know that the Mets are vastly improved, but let's see how it all plays out. We're pretty good, too. They've had some things to say and so have we. It should be interesting."} Who is everyone Larry? So far all the pre season publication have the Braves winning the NL East and the overbearing Tony LaRussa and his Cardinals winning the pennant and the Mets as the Wild Card. I agree with Smoltz, the Mets are the team to beat in the NL East and I no of no one even Mets haters you don't think this is a playoff team. Time will tell. <

GAMA GAMA GAMONS From baseball's newest blogger: {�? I agree with Jeff Wilpon: This whole thing about "The Latin Mets" reverse racism and the Mets amounts to blatant racism. "I can't remember one time in a meeting when it came up whether or not a player was Latin," says Wilpon. Yeah -- like trading for Paul Lo Duca rather than signing Bengie Molina or Ramon Hernandez. The Mets have a lot of Latin players. Good. Great. The club is a heckuva lot better now than it was two years ago, and the fact that Jose Reyes is fourth on the team in continual service speaks volumes about the Omar Minaya-fueled turnover. Carlos Delgado being questioned about his character because he did not choose to make an outward sign of an inward grace -- standing for a patriotic song during the seventh-inning stretch -- because of a legitimate concern about U.S. testing off Puerto Rico? What is more American: Blind patriotism or dissent? Here is a man whose parents have given their lives to social work and he has been a model teammate. Pedro Martinez's work habits being questioned because he may not be ready to pitch in the World Baseball Classic? I'm not sure I've ever met anyone more patriotic than Martinez, in the sense of doing for his fellow countrymen rather than wave a flag. He has built two churches, a school, an athletic complex complete with daycare center, as well as several houses for poor people near the family finca in Monaguayabo, Dominican Republic. Minaya may have players he especially likes, but everyone does. Mets fans don't care if their players come from Boulder or Birmingham, Bogota or Bayamon, as long as the Mets matter. Which, once again, they do. Omar says he had to go to two years to sign Julio Franco, now 47 (Celsius). "I want him in our organization," says Minaya. "He can be like a coach now, but he wants to eventually manage and I want him in the Mets organization." Unlike most major-league players who think they should start coaching in the majors, Franco says "I want to play until I'm 50, then go to rookie ball and earn my way to the majors as a manager."} It was bitter cold this morning but nothing warms a baseball fans heart more than the day his teams tickets go on sale. Even though I was headed to Brooklyn today and thought about heading to the left on the Verazano-Narrows Bridge to the Belt Parkway two exits to KeySpan Park I went online instead.Fueledd by coffee and a bagel, I hunkered down to get tickets for opening day. I already have a six pack plan plus I figure to mooch tickets off my family and friends who toil in the corporate world but I have been to the opening day at Shea for something like 20 years in a row and now that my son is a bit older, it has become our rite of spring. In fact it's the only day of school he ever misses. So it was to my amazement that I was able to secure two seats for April 3 against the Nats. You can keep your ground hogs and your Farmer's Almanac, the sure sign to me that spring is around the corner is when I have my tickets to opening day. <

Saturday, February 25, 2006

This man has been a target of mine since he game to Queens. But today I am here to make a prediction. Not only do I think Tom Glavine will win 17-20 games this year but he will a serious contender for the Cy Young award. He had a fabulous second half of the season last year and so far this winter/spring he has flown way under the radar and looks very comfortable it that position. Never in a million years did I ever think I'd type these words but the Mets would be smart to give Titan Tom Glavine a contract extention. Excuse me please, I have to go lay down. <

COULD THIS BE THE STROY OF THE SPRING? This would make for a great TV show. An aspiring med student gets taken by a big city team in the minor league Rule V draft and pitches under the radar for a season in the low minors. He then goes to the winter leagues where he shows great abilty as a closer. He then arrives in a big league spring training site and has the team GM thinking he may just be good enough to come north with the team. Ridiculous you say? Well meet Henry Owens <

THE PHENOMENAL PELFRY The Mets brass could not have been happier if Anna Benson came back to town for one last lap dance than they were watching Mike Pelfry throw to batters yesterday. This young man will not be riding buses for long.,0,1591396.story?coll=ny-mets-print <

There is a story in today's Star-Ledger on the close realationship of David Wright and Cliff Floyd. Floyd did not start out trying to be the big brother to Wright it was something that just happened: {Sometimes things just kind of fall into your lap," Floyd said yesterday, "and he fell into my lap. I wasn't told by anybody and I didn't set out to take somebody under my wing. But, when you're taught something as a young player and told by the veterans, 'When your time comes, you do the same thing,' it stays with you. "I didn't want to be no daddy away from home. If we were (playing) in Florida, I probably wouldn't even have done it. But playing up in New York, it's a little different. I thought he needed it and we connected." } <

PETEY TAKES A PERSONAL DAY Who doe she think he is a civil servant? During a base running drill Victor Diaz played the part of th erun on third caught in no man's land and Billy Wagner was on the mound. Check out this paragraph as to how well the drill went: {One More Thing: During another drill, Victor Diaz played the part of a runner trapped off third base on a ball hit back to the pitcher. Billy Wagner fielded the ball and, with all his might, faked a throw right at Diaz who froze fearing that Wagner was actually going to throw the ball at him. "Hey man, go change your shorts," Cliff Floyd yelled at Diaz. Diaz walked off the field and muttered of Wagner, "There's something wrong with that guy." } <

Friday, February 24, 2006

RUMOR MILLEDGE Jon Heyman has a few words on the Mets number one prospect Lastings Milledge and states some facts and a bit of fiction. First the facts, Milledge is a bon fide top prospect that the Mets are very high on. In fact someone in the Mets regime told Heyman that Milledge will be the left Fielder in 2007. He has shown that he should be a 40 stolen base player with power and is being compared to Gary Shefield (hopefully without the sour puss). He has an unbelievable first step in the outfield and even though he is a natural center fielder he has no problem playing to the left of Carlos Beltran. He is indebted to the Mets for drafting him after rumblings about his youthful indiscretions with a female during high school. Since joining the Mets, Milledge has been a solid citizen on and off the field. He even went so far to go to Willie Randolph and ask him if he needed to get a haircut as all he wants to do is fit in. The fiction? Heyman thinks only a handful of Mets fans know about Milledge when we all know that Milledge has been the top topic of conversation by die hard Mets fans on the blogs and message boards and has been from the day he was drafted. That�s one thing the main stream media never gives fans and bloggers credit for, we do our homework and read every little tidbit we can about not just the big league team but all of the teams that make up this organization. The only people who don�t know a lot about Milledge are the casual fans who wait until the winning starts to grab a seat on the bandwagon. Yes not all of us can follow the exploits of Lastings Milledge and his fellow minor leaguers in person as we have to pay mortgages, deal with family commitments and go to jobs that pay real money, but we do read John Sickels, Will Lingo and Jim Callis to name a few guys who do cover the minor leagues and it�s their opinions we hold highly. Maybe I�m being a little sensitive in thinking that Heyman comes off as a bit condescending in this article as most of it is very positive about Milledge and how the Mets are very high on him but sometimes I feel the main streamers think they are the only one allowed to have an opinion around here.,0,5218880.column?coll=ny-sports-print WILLIE�S TEAM Just from reading the dispatches from Pt. St. Lonesome, I get a sense that Willie Randolph is much more relaxed and comfortable in the job as Mets manager. Last year a lot folks and myself included took Willie to task over some strategic maneuvers that made us scratch our heads and question the moves. But one thing you cannot underestimate about Randolph is he has the utmost respect of his players and he is the leader of this team. When Cliff Floyd says �We know as a team he has our backs� that speaks volumes about Randolph. Randolph has shown some flexibility as well this spring as he has cut down the length of the workouts, let the music play in the clubhouse and relaxed the rules on facial hair a bit which shows me the Randolph ahs grown in the job. Now all he has to do is bat Beltran 2nd and Wright 3rd so then I�ll run trough a brick wall for him as well.,0,7506925.story?coll=ny-sports-print SECOND BASE TO NONE I don�t know maybe I�m off base here but Ben Shpigel feels the race for the Mets 2nd base job goes as follows: KazMat Bret Boone Jeff Keppinger Anderson Hernandez Julio Lugo-dark horse My ranking is: KazMat-He has to step up unbelievably big to grab it Anderson Hernandez-it�s the defense stupid! Jeff Keppinger-If the knee is healthy could make a big move to the top Ken Boswell-A helluva a fielder Felix Milian-A helluva contact hitter Bret Boone-Fork please I don�t think Boone has any chance at all to win the job as watching stumble around with the Twins last year was disturbing. Matsui really has to pull a huge effort, as Willie Randolph is not a member of the KazMat Fan Club: {�I can say to you: �The job is his�. But what does that mean?� Randolph said of Matsui. �If someone comes in and plays much better, then I�m going to pick the best guy�} As if that wasn�t enough, after KazMat took Billy Wagner yard, Willie was not impressed: {�He probably just got lucky and walked in on it� Randolph said} Boy, Willie is starting to sound like the fans. <

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Theo Epstein reacts to the Bronx Robber Baron who says it the Highalnders time to win <

DAY OF DELGADO Round and round we go what player gets profiled to death no one knows, no one that is but the Mets beat writers. Today�s beat to death profile in all the rags is of new first baseman Carlos Delgado. The best of these for me was Ben Shpigel of the NY Times who showed the close relationship between Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran even though the only thing they have in common is being from Puerto Rico and playing baseball. Delgado has said he will reside in Manhattan because he loves living in the city whereas Beltran, after moving four times last season, had a house built on Long Island and seem very happy to living la vida suburbia. Delgado is a bit of a Renascence man as he loves the arts, and studies the events of the world and can turn on a fastball with the best of them. Beltran is more of blend in with the sceneary kind of guy. Hey what ever works. If having Delgado and a new home keep Beltran happy and productive that�s all that counts. KEEP OUT!!! THIS MEANS YOU!!!! Willie Randolph has made it known that KazMat�s personal trainer Toru Kumazawa is persona non grata in the Mets clubhouse: {�We don�t allow personal trainers and extra coaches to come in,� Willie Randolph said. �If they do it away from the field, that�s fine, but not at Shea or on the road or anything like that.�} It�s quite clear that Randolph would love to give KazMat his walking papers and now with this trainer of his lurking around, Willie would love to put his foot in both their arses. WHO LET THE PUCKHEAD IN? I guess Larry Brooks of the NY Post is wanted for some sort of peccadillo in Italy as he is not at the Olympics covering hockey but instead he�s at Port St. Lonesome following the Mets second base saga. Problem is Brooks is clueless when it comes to the subject of the Mets second base situation: {And we haven�t yet gotten to Anderson Hernandez, the 23 year old whose future as the Mets second baseman probably isn�t here yet but could arrive in June.} HUH? June? Larry, AHern is ready right now. Defensively there is no one in camp as good with the glove than Hernandez. If he hits in spring and KazMat adds to his staure in the nation of Suckdom, Hernandez will be at second base on April 3rd. Then our Mr. Brooks hits us with this nugget: {�So it will be either Matsui or Boone, only one of whom will be booed at home before he takes his first at bat of the season.} Boone? I�ve come to the conclusion that Boone is in camp just so he can prove to himself once and for all that he�s done. This way he will have no regrets when the Mets release him in the middle of March. PETEY TERROR TOE RATING 2 Still no change in the right toe of Petey. He long tossed and is still on track to throw of the front of the mound on Saturday. Petey�s spot on Team Dominican is in peril but not to worry as Mel Rojas could step in at a moments notice. <

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

PETEY TERROR TOE RATING:2 Bob Klapish has a column on on the the right toe of Petey. It looks as though the Mets organization is trying to find a way to have Petey back out of the WBC and not have a Danish cartoon/Muslim Nation occurance with the good people of the Dominican Republic. This tainted toe also puts a spotlight on the Jae Seo-Kris Benson ship outs by Omar and how either move could have been made if the Mets had the proper information on the the health of Petey's toe. Klapper also mentions that the Mets braintrust has been bowled over by Mike Pelfry and he could become a big league starter sooner than anyone thought. <

Will someone please feed Sasha Cohen! <

'Cause he's oh, so good, And he's oh, so fine, And he's oh, so healthy, In his body and his mind. He's a well respected man about town, Doing the best things so conservatively. A happy and a helathy Carlos Beltran should turn to jeers to cheers this year. <

WILL THIS BE THE YEAR THE GOOD GUYS WIN? Jon Heyman has a piece today on how this Mets team will not be hard to root for. In fact this team looks like it has the goods to be one those that NYC takes to it's ample bosom. What's not to like? The team is owned and operator by "New York guys". The owner, GM and manager have not forgotten where they came from and are not embarrassed to to tell you how proud they are of it. In David Wright and Jose Reyes you have two young guys who have an old school work ethic, something that David Stern would give his left nut for in the NBA. If any policing needs to be done there are now veterans who will keep law and order in LoDuca, Floyd, Delgado and Papa Franco. That was one ingredient that was sorely missing from past Mets teams and although we all loved Mike Piazza, leadership was, to put it mildly, not his strong suit and his departure is as much a plus as his arrival was back in 1998. As Mets fans we are always leery of our team and past history shows why but this team is not only easy to root for but they're good, damn good as good as any team in the NL. I know we are all supposed to say "well until we beat the Braves that will prove how good the Mets are" Well you know what? Fuck the Braves! and the Phillies and LaRussa's and his Cardinals. The Mets will be the team to beat this year how about that! It's time for the Mets and Mets fans to take the baseball world by it's collective nuts and squeeze them hard and show them all that THE METS ARE BACK!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!,0,3777086.column?coll=ny-sports-print <

I was set to post this yesterday but I met up with a few friends after work and needless so say by by the time I rolled in I wasn't ready to fire up the computer. PETEY�S TENDER TOE LEVEL IS AT 2 I�m going to start a Tender Toe Level for Petey like the Department of Homeland Security does for the nations terror alert. A level 1 or 2 is Petey feeling a slight discomfort. A 3 or 4 is noticeable pain that needs treatment. A Level 5 means Willie Randolph holds Petey down while Omar takes a hack saw to the right toe.,0,2420361.story?coll=ny-sports-print IF I WERE THE METS, I�D PUT KAZ MATSUI�S BAGS ON THE CURB So KazMat shows up with the former strength coach of the Seibu Lions and drops off his luggage and decides to go train off site with his trainer. Way to go Kaz, the way you and Bret Boone are handling this 2nd base job, young Anderson Hernandez will just need to show up to gain the job. SOME LEFTITES ARE BEST LEFT WHERE YOU FOUND THEM. As a fellow portsider, it kills me to trash the lefthanded relievers in Mets camp but from reading Adam Rubin today in the Daily News, it�s slim pickings in that department. Hopefully Willie is over that taking a leftie for taking a lefties sake and go with the 6 or 7 best arms in camp. NO OWNER, NO BALL PARK, NO NAME? It seems that MLB is locked in a nasty fight over the name of the Washington D.C. entry in the National League, known as the Nationals. It seems the U.S. Patent office granted a company by the name of Bygone Sports, the trademark to the name Nationals. Bygone Sports it seems makes throwback apparel and with the patent only Bygone Sports can make Nationals shirts, caps and any other memorabilia with Nationals on it. Before the patent office gave Bygone the go ahead, they offered the name to MLB for $130,000. But of course, MLB put this on the back burner and now that Bygone has the patent they want over $1 mil plus free advertising on A judge will rule on this on April 3, which is opening day, on who gets to monogram NATIONALS on their shirts. <

Monday, February 20, 2006

.......OAKLAND ROLLING NOW..... When I hear the name Curt Gowdy, those are the first words that pop into my head. Curt Gowdy passed away today at the age of 86. There is no play by play man around today that could match Gowdy. Gowdy and Al DeRogatis (the best color anylast in televised football history) made fall and winter Sunday afternoons special. Same in the summer when Gowdy was teamed with Tony Kubeck on the Game of the Week. After I heard of his passing, I started to jog my memory of all the moments I heard Gowdy make the calls. The Hedi game. All the World Series games from the mid 60's to the late 70's. Super Bowl III. Raiders-Chiefs football games. Game 6 of the '75 World Series. Hank Aaron's 715th home run. Great games and great calls. Rest in Peace Cowboy. <

I'LL SAY IT FIRST, I HAVE A FACE FOR THE INTERNET Check out this link from Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog on Matt, Eric of Mets Geek, Greg of Faith and Fear in Flushing, Chris of Miriacle Mets and yours truly, taping an episode of Mets Weekly which will be seen some time next month on SNY. This was a blast. The crew at SNY were really great folks and the host of Mets Weekly, Siafa Lewis was teriffic. Meeting the guys from behind the keyboards was also fun, except when Eric from Mets Geek and I were talking before the taping about the 86 Mets, after I told him I had just gotten married that year, he tells me he was a year old in 1986. (just kidding Eric, it was great to meet you and your dad) All in all it was a great afternoon, talking Mets baseball with four other passtionate Mets fans. Oh and don't worry, between the five of us we will let everyone know when the show airs. <

PETEY'S STILL SIDELINED What I don't get is his toe hurt in September and he missed his last three starts of last season, you would think from late September to the middle of February, someone in the Mets hierarchy would have been working on some sort of solution, a new shoe, a cushioning in the shoe, amputation, something to alleviate the right toe troubles of Petey. Then Omar tells the media and fan base to basically to move along nothing to see here everything is fine. Well, everything is not fine and won't be fine until I see Petey on a pitchers mound and throwing. This guy is a creature of habit who has his own way of getting ready for a season and is now behind on his schedule. So yes Omar we all know what month it is but can you tells us why it's taken so long to get a shoe, or an innersole or anything to get Petey back on the mound?


VICTOR DIAZ: THE PEOPLES CHERCH! No that's not a typo, that's how us Brooklynites pronounce "choice" which is what Victor Diaz has become by the fans and by his teammates as both sides are pulling for Diaz to grab the everyday right field job from Xavier Nady. Both Nady and Diaz arrived early to camp and it looks as though Diaz is the favorite to win the RF job. I hope so, as I've been on the Baby Manny bandwagon for awhile and am dying to see what Diaz can do with about 475-500 steady at bats.,0,2050148.story?page=1&coll=ny-mets-print <

WHY? BECAUSE I'M BRET BOONE, DAMNIT!! You would think I guy who hasben labled as "finished" like Bret Boone would be waiting for the spring training gates to open and show Wilie Randolph that he is "stil the man" but Boone is no where near Port St. Lonesome and it has the Mets wondering why?: {Of the four players with a shot at the second base job, only Jeff Keppinger was in town early, joining the club Wednesday. Kaz Matsui, the incumbent but by no means a sure thing, flew into town Sunday and is expected in camp today. Still absent are Bret Boone and Anderson Hernandez. Hernandez played winter ball, but some eyeballs were raised that Boone was not an early arrival after being traded out of Seattle and released by Minnesota.} And now Kaz Matsui has arrived to show us he won't take the stealing of his job lightly. <

Rangers hitting coach and the man I supported for the Mets mangers job last year, Rudy Jaramillo has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. From Jim Reeves story today, it seems Jaramillo will beat this like a 3-1 fastball. <

WILLIE GETIN' JIGGY WITH IT So Willie Randolph seems to be putting his stuck up Highlander ways behind him by saying that his music ban and intolerance of facial hair will be a bit relaxed this season. I think Willie took a look at the roster and saw there is a strong core of veteran players that look like they can control themselves (that could change if Lima Time make the team) plus I would hazard a guess that Omar himself may have whispered in his ear "hey this isn't the Bronx, lighten up a bit." Randolph also said he expects this Mets team to make the post season. UhWillie, that's a given don't you think? Anything less than a wild card berth would be a major failure. So it's not like he's going out on a limb here.Of all he times I've killed the Skill Sets, what Willie said after being asked about the second base job showed me there is a commitment to winning and if KazMat does not impress in the spring he'll be a goner: {Matsui's contract notwithstanding, Randolph said second base is wide open, with Matsui, Bret Boone, Anderson Hernandez and Jeff Keppinger all battling for the position. The manager said the incumbent has no advantage, and the Mets are willing to cut their losses for the sake of the big picture."I view it as a real competition," Randolph said. "You have to go out and win the job. I've been told by management to play the best.''} If KazMat is cut, Freddy Skill Sets could just deduct the cash from Bruce Wilpon's inheritance <

Thursday, February 16, 2006

DO THOSE SHOES COME WITH A MATCHING BAG? So Petey's new cleats finally made to St.Lonesome and they still need a bit of tweaking. Mike Herbst, the Mets asst. trainer had to put a gel insert into the shoe and it seems that a cleat under the tender toe is bothersome. But the good news is Petey was able to start throwing and he stated his arm, shoulder and back are in tiptop shape but it will take a little time to get used to the new show and hopefully lessen the pain in the toe. Could it be the Mets post season hopes hinge on a shoe and a toe? HOT WAGS Billy Wagner claims he gets off to slow starts in the spring, but it seems he was popping the ball in the mid 90's and impressing Rick Peterson. Wagner also took up the mantle as bullpen leader by saying his bullpen mates have better stuff than most of the closers in the big leagues. Ah camaraderie!,0,5310778.story?coll=ny-mets-print CASA DE WILPON The Daily News has a sneak peak at what will be included in the new home of the Mets. : An Ebbets Field like rotunda that will be a gathering spot for pre and post game activities A Left Field glass enclosed restaurant for the swells A restaurant behind home plate that will be open to the great unwashed 60 suites The upper deck will have a canopy on the roof The plan seems to moving along as there will be a public hearing in Flushing on February 27 and from there the cranes and construction crews should be ready for action this summer. THE COMEBACK OF CHANNEL 9 Back in the day, Ch.9 in NYC was THE place on your TV dial for great entertainment. The Mets, Knicks, Rangers, and Islanders call it home. The NY Jets broadcast all their exhibition games on WOR-9 as well. It was the place for sports before cable. (Now I will really date myself. Back when cable TV was just a fantasy to all but the residents of Manhattan, movie theatres feared the "pay TV" movement. They theater owners used too urge moviegoers to sign petitions to "STOP PAY TV") It seems now that Ch9, which was, know as UPN 9 will be no more as Time Warner and UPN have merged and Ch 11 will get all the new WB programming. Whatever the decsion is with Ch9 I just hope that a comeback of the Joe Franklin Show and the Million Dollar Movie are part of it,0,2384664.column?coll=ny-television-headlines check out this link just for the song at least .........AND STILL LIFE CONTINUES TO GO ON IN BROOKLYN <

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

JEFF WEAVER SIGNS WITH ANGELS The AP is reporting that RHP Jeff Weaver has signed a 1yr-$8.4 mil contract with the Halos. This is where Weaver wanted to be. He's a SOCAL guy and his brother Jared is in the Angels org so this it makes sense. But it's a long way from the big multi year deal Weaver and Boras were looking for. <

JASON STARK GIVES THE METS MUCH LOVE Most Improved Teams (National League) 1. Mets 2. Brewers 3. Dodgers Are the Mets now the most interesting team in New York? Think about it. Which is the more compelling collection of personalities -- Pedro Martinez, Billy Wagner, Jose Reyes, David Wright, Cliff Floyd, Tom Glavine and Carlos Delgado? Or Johnny Damon, A-Rod, Derek Jeter, Randy Johnson, Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi and the rest of that corporate Yankees Inc. ensemble? OK, OK. We know we could start a major five-borough brawl with that kind of question. But even those of you screaming, "Da Bombers," ought to concede (in a quiet moment of rationality) that the Mets have become quality, almost-worthy-of-their-very-own-network, prime-time programming. Even though we think they "lost" all three of their major winter trades (Mike Cameron, Kris Benson and Jae Seo), they're now clearly the best team in the National League on paper. And when was the last time that happened? 1987? <

Jon Heyman touches on items that are of interest to him this spring: Will Roger Clemens return, and for whom?

{For a while, I was almost sure Clemens was coming back at age 43. Then his agent publicly said Clemens probably will retire (again) ... and, of course, that's exactly when I knew for sure he would return.}

MFClemens has a lot of male figure skater in him.

Will Barry Bonds make good on his stated intention to drop 25 pounds, then stay healthy long enough to eclipse the home-run marks of Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron? And, does anyone care anymore?

{Although Rafael Palmeiro and Sammy Sosa appear to finally have crashed and burned, the belief is that Bonds is such a remarkable hitter/athlete, he can legitimately hit the 48 dingers needed to overtake Aaron. It may take him into next season, and Major League Baseball will probably pretend it didn't happen when it does. But don't expect him to back down or slink away. Bonds' ego isn't slimming down any time soon, even if he does.}

Bonds has never tested possitive for steroids. But in the court of public opinion, where no one needs evidence, Bonds is guilty of being a juicer just from his appearence. To me the biggest reason fans have a tough time acepting Bonds is that he is a joyless soul. I have never seen anyone doing something of such great accomplishment be so fucking misserable.

Bonds never smiles for the camera. Never jokes with the press. His teamates hate his guts. Talk about a guy in need of a shrink. A human development student could do a pretty good thesis on the psyche of Barry Bonds.

Will Pedro Martinez's right big toe be fit enough to allow him to be the ace the Mets need?

{Once he's all set with his specially designed pitching cleat, his specially designed feet pajamas and whatever else he needs, Pedro should be Pedro. The man has managed to pitch with a shoulder hanging by dental floss, so there's no shot a small thing like a podiatry problem will derail him.}

Petey's toe is hardly a small problem. If he starts to compensate for the pain in his toe by changing his pitching motion, he will definitely hurt his shoulder and the Mets will be up shit's creek without a paddle.

Can Mike Piazza find happiness in San Diego?

{The 62nd-round draft choice made a Hall of Fame career proving folks wrong, so don't be surprised by a decent year. Or at the very least, a better one than Paul Lo Duca, who's now followed Piazza in three locales and has yet to make folks forget him.}

I guess Heyman had Bengi Molina in the next Mets catchers pool

Was it Leo Mazzone or the system?

{The great John Smoltz already said that the Braves can do it without ol' Leo, and they're all acting like his dugout rocking was nothing more than a show.Maybe Mazzone isn't the mound magician we made him out to be, but if Atlanta finally burns, as I suspect it will (time for an admission: This is the eighth straight year I've made that prediction), they'll have to concede to a new nickname, at least: Lucky Leo. }

Great, now the Braves pitching staff has a mission, to prove it's the pitchers stupid!,0,3006694.column?coll=ny-yankees-print






Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I think David Wright keeps a calander above his bed and scratches off the days until he can go to spring training.

Of course he is already in camp and working out and he is pumped about the season.

He is also stepping up in the vocal leader role something not seen in Flushing since the Keith Hernandez era:

{ "There are a lot of variables," the third baseman said. "You have to stay healthy. Guys have to perform up to the level they're capable of. You have to go out there and pull together and jell as a team, but on paper right now, we look like a very stacked, unbelievable team.

But it's another thing to go out and do it

especially in this division where Atlanta, year in and year out, finds a way to win," Wright added. "We understand we have the tools. Now we have to put those tools to good use. But we definitely have the tools and we definitely have the right pieces." }


ARE YOU READY FOR LIMA TIME? The Mets annonced today they have signed pitcher Jose Lima to a minor league deal. If by some feat of magic, Lima can re-create his 2004 season-13-5 4.07 ERA 170IP 34BB 93K-this could be a shrewed move. Lima throws mostly breaking balls and his big draw back is letting those pitches that don't break get launched out of the park. The biggest thing going for Lima is he's a live wire and with something to prove, this is not a bad move by Omar. If he can't pitch he goes home to the goregeous woman in the picture (that is Mrs. Lima) and if he can still get guys out, I get to use my binoculars at Shea for other things besides seeing you is warming up in the bullpen. <

Monday, February 13, 2006

You say Flying Tomato I say Robin Gibb <

{What happened with the Mets is very simple. People think I turned down big money for nothing. It didn't happen that way. They offered me something and two days later we went back to them wanting to start negotiations. They said, 'We're dealing with [Carlos] Delgado.' Then two days later they were dealing with Billy Wagner. Then they said call us on the weekend. We called [GM Omar Minaya] on the weekend and he was in the Dominican Republic. When he came back, he came back with the Paul Lo Duca trade [from Florida]. We never really had a chance to talk about anything. I don't think people know this. That's what really happened." -- Molina, on reports that he turned down a three-year, $18 million offer from the Mets } Bengi sounds like he lost his prom date <

IF IT'S MONDAY, IT'S MARTY'S MAIL BAG Today in Marty Noble's mail bag many fans have e-mailed Marty pleading with him to relay a message to Willie Randolph:PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, BAT BELTRAN IN THE 2 HOLE!!!!!! Ol' Marty goes and give a rambling disertation on the Mets line up that had me wanting to go get the shovel I used to clean my driveway of snow and hit myself in the head with it. Bottom line is Beltran should be in the 2 hole as his 2004 numbers show his outstanding production in that spot: 423 AB .280/.386/.563 95RS 76RBI 62XBH 26HR 32SB <

Separated at Birth <

Sunday, February 12, 2006

THE EDUCATION OF WILLIE RANDOLPH Bob Sikes, a former Mets trainer has a blog called getting paid to watch. He has a post about the possitive influence it will be to have Rickey Henderson in camp as an instructor: {Some observers have commented that they found Ricky's presence curious;that Randolph can already do this. This is true to an extent, but managers don't want to commit themselves to hands on instruction in spring training. They just can't give it the time it requires. Managers are just too busy with meetings, the press, and being able to observe. Coaches in all sports benefit from watching their players get instruction and training from others. This is one of the reasons you see so many extra coaches in camp. } Remember last spring when Randolph ran his first training camp as Mets manager? He was all over the St. Lonesome complex trying to run every drill. It seems Randolph has learned that as the boss, he has other duties to fullfill and will now leave the coaching to the coaches. His job is to ovesee the whole workout process and jump in from time to time with a little hands on help. His biggest job is to deal with the tons of media he has to accomadate as the manager of a NYC professional sports team. That and go over the coaches evaluations and work with Omar in bringing the best 25 players up north come April. Between having his coaching staff plus Rickey, Dykstra, Carter, and Strawberry in camp, Willie has enough guys to go around. The way Willie works this years camp will tell us if he's learnd a few things from his "rookie"season. <


Just 5 more days until pitchers % catchers <

IT"S SOLER TIME The Daily News has a story on Alay Soler and his new found fortune in America. I can't wait to see this guy pitch after all the stories I've read about him for the last two years. He could be the reason Omar was not heartbroken over trading Seo and Benson. If Soler is as good as his press clippings this could be a special season. <

OK, WE ARE ALL IN AGREEMENT, THE WBC SUCKS! and a nice pop for Matt Cerrone and as well.,0,6911268.column?coll=ny-sports-columnists <

EXTREME MAKEOVER FLUSHING Jon Heyman reports that the Mets are looking at their new ballpark to be a cross between Ebbets Field and PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Not a bad combo. The biggest task that the Mets have is to get NYC goverment have to take over the chop shops next to Shea (the fines that these "mechnaincs" owe alone would pay for a good chunk of the city's part of the ballpark financing) by eminent domain and the develope it into a Mets village. Here is a gem from Heyman's column on Rickey and why Rickey is the orginal Manny: {Beyond providing baserunning and card-playing tips, Rickey Henderson adds a humorous touch to the Mets' spring coaching ranks. One Rickey story: When one Padre explained to another that Henderson always got the best seat on the bus because he had "tenure," Henderson corrected the fellow. "Ten year?" Rickey said incredulously and quite seriously. "What are you talking about? Rickey got 16, 17 years."} Com'on how can you not love Rickey.,0,2146568.column?page=1&coll=ny-sports-columnists (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON TH ETIME OF THIS POST) <

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PITCHING David Lennon is still pining over the loss of Kris Benson and Jae Seo. He also wonders (as do the rest of us) what impact pitchers Soler, Bannister, Iriki, Maine and the underachiving Zambrano Project will do this season. All good question, but the bottom line is will be the production of Petey and Titan Tom Glavine. Without those two in tip top shape, the 3-4-5 spots in the rotaion are moot. Still Petey has not recieved his golden spike shoe from Nike (I bet if his name was Jordan or LeBron he have them by now) so that may push is workouts back. Titan Tom looks as good as ever. Then we have the very confident Omar Minaya who feels if he needs a starter he'll get one: {When asked Friday about his willingness to make a deal, Minaya brought up two spring training trades he pulled off as Expos GM - getting Livan Hernandez from the Giants and John Patterson from the Diamondbacks."I've been able to pick up guys," Minaya said. "There's opportunity out there." } Of course, who could ever forget the Kaz Ishii era!,0,3148088.story?page=1&coll=ny-mets-print (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POST) <

MORE METS CONNECTION IN TAMPA Pete Abraham has a nice peice this morning on the new owner of the Tampa Bay Kazmirs, Stu Sternberg. Sternberg is a Brooklyn boy now living in Westchester who grew up a Mets fan and tried to buy into the Skill Set inner sanctum but instead got his shot at being a baseball owner with an over throw of the Namoli regime. Sternberg seems to be on the right track in Tampa by offering free parking and allowing fan to bring there own food to the ball park. I bet Stu was like the rest of us middle aged Mets fans who packed a sandwhich and a soda (with aluminun foil around it of course) and headed for the 7 train for an afternoon at Shea. There is on paragraph in the story that makes me wonder about Sternberg as a researcher: {Sharing a luxury suite with Steinbrenner once seemed like a remote possibility for Sternberg, who grew up a Mets fan in Canarsie the youngest of three children. A center fielder in high school, he hoped to play in college but wasn't enough of a hitter for St. John's. He majored in economics but eventually dropped out of night school, weary of taking courses in Catholic theology and philosophy. "Those were requirements, and for a Jewish fellow, it seemed like a bit much at the time," he said. "I went to work."} I'm sure the Vincentians would have made allowances for a Mitzvah tank on campus. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) <

Friday, February 10, 2006

JERRY! IT'S YOUR UNCLE LEO Do you think the Braves are going to miss Leo Mazzone? This is only about the 118th article written in the Atlanta Journal-Constiution on the subject. <

MEET ANDY WOGAN Who? Andy Wogan. He is thE Mets new Director of Minor Leagues Operations. He is a Minaya operative from the Omar's Montreal days and he takes over for Kevin Morgan, who goes into a hands on postion in the Mets Minor League system: {Some of the same concepts are applied to his staff which includes Morgan, Wogan's predecessor. After four years on the job, Morgan has been assigned an on-field position, coordinator of instruction for the Minor Leagues. He is to oversee the continuity and consistency of instruction from the Major Leagues down through the Minor Leagues. i.e., help reinforce the Mets' way of doing things.} You don't how happy that last paragraph makes me. I've ranted for about two years now that the Mets need to have continuity throughout the system and it seems that Omar feels the same way. Also in the story was a little pop for Little Al Jackson (With the Mets from 1962-65 and then back again in 1968-69 )who has to be the longest tenured person in the Mets organization. It seems Jackson was the one who got Aaron Heilman on the right road: {Sometimes, it's new eyes. Sometimes it's eyes that have seen so much. Al Jackson, an original Met, once the club's pitching coach and a consultant, was not unfamiliar with Heilman last spring when Heilman's Major League readiness was in question. But Jackson detected a similarity between Heilman's old delivery and that of the late Don Drysdale and played a role in the decision that Heilman probably would benefit from returning to the arm slot he used at Notre Dame.} (TO POST A MESSAGE PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) <

BREAK OUT THE PINOCHLE DECK, LOOK WHO'S BACK Rickey Henderson will be in Mets camp next week to work with Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran in paticular. Sabermaticians beware! Looks this could be the summer of the "GO-GO Mets" Oh by the way, anyone want to wager (no you Janet, your in enough hot water, eh!) that Rickey is in the Mets outfield if there is an injury: {"In my mind, I'm not really done playing," he said Friday during a telephone conference call. "I love playing the game, but right now I haven't had the opportunity to go out and play. I feel that I have a lot to give back to the game." } Go Rickey Go (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLCK ON THE TIME OF THIS POST) <

OZZIE GUILLEN: VACATION SI` WHITE HOUSE NO Seems Mayor Daley of Chicago is upset with Ozzie Gullien for not cutting his vacation in the D.R. with his family short to attend a White House photo op with Dubya and the World Series Champs. First, why should Guillen cut his vacation short when Dubya wouldn't cut his as the Gulf Coast of the U.S. was being washed away? Second, the Sox were scheduled to go to the White House on two other dates but they were cancelled. So now that there is a slow day at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (the First Lady is at the Olympics and I guess the twins are at Hogs and Heffers) Dubya says "com'on down". Hey a guy needs a break from listening to wire taps all day doesn't he? <

HERE COME THE IRISH! Jack Curry has a story in today's NY Times about baseball coming to Ireland. In fact the Irish team is pretty competive throughout Europe. Most of the players on the team are Irish-Americans who have taken up residence in Ireland or have a parent or grandparent who was born their. The toughest position for the team to fill is pitcher (is it always) so I'm thinking of contacting the team to see if they could use a 47 year old lefty whose parents were born in Ireland and is built like Mickey Lolich. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) <

Thursday, February 09, 2006

7 DAYS UNTIL RE-BIRTH They is nothing going on Mets world today ( by the way did anyone go to the taping of "I Don't Shit, But If I Scream Loud Enough People Might Think I Know Something" AKA Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith as Omar Minaya was his guest? It's on again tday at 2pm on ESPN2 so I may check it out) so I've been trolling through the'net for some stories: PEE CASHMAN IN THE 'HOOD Pee Wee's got some balls hangin' with the folks of Washington Heights. That's Mets territory hijoeputa!!!!! Take your pale ass back to Conneticut.,0,5117674.story?coll=ny-sports-print "Life's just much too hard today," I hear ev'ry mother say The pusuit of happiness just seems a bore And if you take more of those, you will get an overdose No more running for the shelter of a mother's little helper They just helped you on your way, through your busy dying day The New York Times put out a great sports magazine this weekend called P.L.A.Y. and in it was an article by Michael Sokolove on the effects of not just steriod testing for this upcoming ML season by the anphetamines also. "Greenies" have been around baseball clubhouses for about 40 years and now that Kenesaw Mountain Selig and Che` Fehr have agreed on the new testing policy, I think the big story this season will be how somes guys get along with out their 'uppers'. Wait until those dog days of August, especially in places like D.C. and St. Louis when it gets hotter than Madonna's outfit from last night's Grammy's. Then we'll see who suffers form fatigue and if there is an increase injury because of it. In Rob Neyer's ESPN column today he also talks about the deal with anphetamines but thinks the players will use what's legally available to them: {Is it more relentless now than it used to be, though? Sure, there's jet lag, and sometimes air travel isn't the most pleasant way of getting across the country. But today's major-leaguers fly in style and sleep in some of the most comfortable beds available. They have access to healthy food, legal dietary supplements, flavorful fluids and the best sports doctors that money can buy. Yes, they do play many games in "the heat of summer," but is the heat really so awful? Those terrible, superheated field carpets of the 1970s and '80s are all gone, and of course there aren't all that many day games; except in one specific neighborhood in Chicago, only one or two per week. } Neyer goes on to write that some of these fellows just need to his the sack a little earlier that they have been. Obviously Neyer has neither worked a night shift or was young and rich. If you work the hours ball players do, you know that 3 and 4 AM is like late afternoon and the parties are just getting started. Having seen a few of these athletes in action around town when I was a "yoot" I can tell you they don't go to their hotel rooms to read the Spalding Guide after a game. Neyer did mention somrthing that I fully agree with and that's that Sen. Jim Bunning talks out his ass: {Before I leave this subject -- with luck, forever -- I do want to mention the hypocrisy of Sen. Jim Bunning (a Hall of Famer). A year ago, when Major League Baseball was summoned to the Capitol and grilled about steroids, Bunning released a statement that read, in part, "Major League Baseball should follow the path taken by the National Football League, which has cured the use of steroids in football by implementing much tougher consequences for breaking the rules." Anybody who knows anything about football, I think, knows just how ridiculous that claim is. What really bothered me, though, was Bunning's sanctimonious attitude about steroids, considering the plain fact that during his era -- the 1960s and early '70s -- the use of amphetamines was rampant in baseball.} Neyer is an ESPNInsider so youhave to spend some coin to read him. Here's the link: THIS GUY TOOK ONE FOR THE TEAM So Mayor Mike Bloomberg goes up to Albany and sees a game of solitaire on the computer of a city worker assinged to the state capital. Mayor Mike gets his Underoos in a bunch and has the guy fired! Is he fucking kidding? Does he think that this poor schmuck is the only guy playing games on his computer? If you got rid of every worker, not just goverment workers, but everyone who fucks off at work they'd be no one left to do any work. See this poor bastard was not a union worker so that's why he got canned. This would never happen to a downstate civil service worker. If he tried this in the city, it would look like a scene from the defucnt HBO seiries "OZ". Besides, the games are on the computer they give you so it's like giving Hedi Fleis a concierige job in a hotel. What the fuck do you think is going to happen? Shit, what's next? Is he going to go after city workrs who are bloggers? (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) <

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

ANCHORS AWAY AT SNY SportsNet NY has named 9 anchor people for their "SportsNight" show. There are a few familar names on the list such as Gary Apple from Ch.2/MSG/NBA TV and Steve Overmyer from CNN/Headline News. But of the name on the list that has me a bit perturbed and that's Steve Berthiaume formerly of ESPN. If you are a longtime watcher of the late night/early morning SportsCenter, you know that Berthiaume was a long time partner of big time Mets fan Linda Cohen. You also know then that Berthiaume never hid his loathing of the Mets. Berthiaume would be down right giddy to show Mets highlights after a loss. It remains to see how good an anchor Berthiaume will be on SNY but he would not have been my choice for an anchor that's for sure. Also added to the SNY stable is a hottie named Julie Davidson who comes to us from Miami, where she did some radio and TV work for the Miami Heat. Thanks to BADA over at the comments section at The Metropolitans for the pics of the lovely Julie. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) <

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING BUT LAY OFF OF MY NIKE SHOES The most anticipated arrival of a pair of shoes since Imelda Marcos was Queen of the Philippines will occur today in the Dominican Republic. A specially designed pair of Nike cleats will be fastened to Pedro Martinez feet with a special cushion for his right big toe that hopefully will alleviate the pain in Petey�s toe after delivering a pitch. If all goes well, Petey will be ready, set, go for spring training. The Mets season could depend on this pair of shoes. MIKE PIAZZA THANKS THE PADRES FOR MAKING THIS DAY NECESSARY If it weren�t for the Padres, Mike Piazza season might have began and finished with the World Baseball Championships as a member of Team Italy. If you listen to Piazza, you�d think he had a plethora of job offers come his way: {We just thought this was the best opportunity to contribute,� said Piazza} Mike, it seems it was the ONLY opportunity. Where else were you going? It was Piazza�s agent reaching out to the Highlanders, Blue Jays and Angels not the other way around. The Phillies reached out to Piazza but as a backup to Mike Lieberthal: {�I�ve never been in a situation as a true backup, and at this point in my life I thought (San Diego) was probably a natural fit�} You would think Piazza, a native son of the Philadelphia area, would have jumped at the chance to play at Citizen Bank Ballpark and add to his home run total. In fact I�m shocked he didn�t try to hook up with the Rockies, as he�s always loved hitting at Coors. I�m sure Mike could beat out Yorvit Torrealba for the starting catchers spot. Murray Chass decided to start the spring training watch by killing Billy Beane and �Moneyball�. But the most infuriating part of the column was finding out that Artie �Dead or Alive� Howe will still draw a check from the Mets this season. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) <

Sunday, February 05, 2006

HYMNS FROM HEYMAN John Heyman as always as some interesting tidbits in his Sunday column: Mike Piazza might have helped the Yankees, but it was nice to see George Steinbrenner let Brian Cashman do his job when agent Dan Lozano called. Cashman polled 20 Yankees scouts, and from what I hear, the vote was 17-3 against.Gene Michael is back in vogue with Cashman's newfound power, and it was Michael who spearheaded the anti-Piazza vote. Michael believes Andy Phillips could be like Kevin Millar was for the Red Sox (in his good years), which means 20 homers and 80 RBIs.Joe Torre wasn't necessarily against Piazza. But he raised a concern about dedicating the DH spot to one person when he envisions rotating the older Yankees, notably Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi. As much as I hate the Highlanders, I have very hig regard for Stick Michael and knowing that he is back in the Highlander picture is not good news for Highlander Haters like myself. Again I don�t know what films of Mikey P the Pads were looking at but they could not have been from the last two years.,0,2383528.column?coll=ny-sports-print <

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Here is the story on Michel Abreu, the Cuban 1st baseman the Mets signed yesterday. The proven to be 31 year old is one big Cubano at 6'3" 230 lbs even if he can�t play he could be kept around in case of a bench clearing brawl. The MLPA is getting a war chest together as the CBA expires in December. I can�t see the owners locking out the players and you know the players won�t strike and leave al their gotten gains so it looks as tough the tag team of Fehr & Orza will just be investing their revenue cash for a tidy return. With the new drug testing agreement and the way the vast majority of the players wanted tougher testing it seems the union leaders and the rank & file are on different pages. Kind of like the TWU. <

Friday, February 03, 2006

METS GET ABREU! No, not Bobby but Michel Abreu. A defector from the Cuban National team, Abreu was to sign with the Red Sox but it seems he is older than he claimed so that turned off the Sawx. Abreu� age was not a deterrent to Omar Minaya as he gave the 31 year old power hitting first baseman a check for $42,500 to join the Mets. YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE AT PORT ST. LONESOME�.. According to Phil (The Angry Old Man) Mushnick, SportsNetNY has reached an agreement with DirecTV. Also in the Post on Page Six, former Met and current man about town Art Shamsky (a very underrated Met by the way) will be �de-nutted� by his ex wife Kim in an up coming book she is writing about their 11 year marriage. Seems everyday wasn�t home run derby at the Shamsky household. SCREW THAT GOUNDHOG, THE BASEBALL ANNUALS ARE HERE, SO SPRING IS AROUND THE CORNER. As I ducked into the newsstand at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal last night to grab a Snapple for the ride home, my eyes lit up at the sight of the Street and Smith and Sporting News 2006 Baseball annuals sitting on the magazine rack. I grab them both and set off for the boat ride home ready to inhale their contents. Of course the first thing I check out is the predictions page. S & S picks the Mets to finish second to the Braves in the NL East and be the NL Wild Card. OK, I can see that, this falls under the heading of �to be the best, you have to beat the best� and until the Mets show they can make short work of the Braves that pick is legit. Hell, even Omar said that during the Mets caravan. But what got me to sit up straight were their predictions of Pedro Martinez for NL Cy Young and (you may want to sit down for this one) Willie Randolph for Manager of the Year! For their World Series pick they have the Angels over the Cardinals. In the Sporting News, they have eight editors making predictions. Of those eight, only two pick the Mets to win the NL East and four pick the Mets to win the Wild Card. Two editors have the Mets winning the NL Pennant and both have them losing to the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. FYI: None of the editors have the Highlanders winning the AL Pennant. Only two have them in the ALCS (both losing to the White Sox) and two others have the Highlanders missing the playoffs altogether (there is one typo that has the White Sox over the Cardinals in the ALCS) (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) <

Thursday, February 02, 2006

VIVA THE D.R.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe this will be the season of Anderson Hernandez? Hernandez drove in th ewinning run in the 11th inning tonight in a Caribean World Series game against Puerto Rico. This game was on the YES channel with Jim Leyritz doing color and a play by play guy whose name I didn't get but it seems that YES was getting the feed from Latin TV and it seems Leyritz was in Conneticut doing the game as the audio is piss poor. Anyway, Hernandez singled in the game winner with 2 out in the 11th to move the Dominican team closer to a title. 14 day until spring training! <

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

LIFE IN THE FASTLANE WOW. I've been busy today with some fellows from Verizon as they have installed a high speed internet on my home computer. They have this FiOS which is fiber optics instead of just a plain old DSL and man is thing ever fast! Hopefully by tomorrow I can get some Mets content on here as I am up to my arse in cardboard boxes at work as our office goes through some major renovation. I have to be relocated to another office, hopefully with a computer so I can get some blogging done. (What you think I wanted to get work done? HA HA ) Just 14 days until Spring Training . <