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Sunday, January 22, 2006

WHEN WILL OMAR GIVE US THE REST OF THE STORY? I have no problem with the Kris Benson to Baltimore for Julio Lugo and John Maine. I was never a fan of Benson and as I stated last season Loyd McClenndon was right about him. And to me that�s why Omar dumped to Charm City as I think he felt the same way about Benson as McClenndon that he lack a lot in the balls department. Face facts, the guy is an average pitcher and if he wasn�t married to Anna, no one would give a shit about him. In fact I bet if you took a pole of male Mets fans they would overwhelming say they would miss Anna more than Kris. It obvious the Skill Sets had a big problem with Anna, especially when see showed up at the Mets children Christmas party with her tits falling out of her dress but that�s not why Kris was dealt, believe me if Kris was a consistent 15-18 game winner, Anna could set up a whorehouse in the Shea parking lot and the Skill Sets would look the other way. But when you management and players start to question your heart and see that you have absolutely no control of your wife, especially when she spouts off about teammates as she did questioning Carlos Delgado�s patriotism, it proves the only onions you have is on your hamburger. Now it goes without saying that Omar better have another move up his sleeve or the good vibrations of the winter will be gone. Either signing Jeff Weaver is in the works or even better, a deal for Barry Zito (that does not include the name Lastings Milledge in it) will be announced next week. Otherwise the starting rotation is a mess. Petey is a year older and that toe is still a problem. Glavine will turn 40 but he is in great shape physically and looks to have finally become comfortable with NYC and the being a Met. So now you goes in the # 3 spot? Steve Trachsel? Puleeze. He is a back of the rotation guy more 4 or 5 certainly not a 3. Aaron Heilman? Well it looks as though he got his wish and will be in the rotation which is good for Heilman but is ti good for the Mets. I feel it�s a mistake putting him back in the rotation as he is much more valuable as a guy who can give you 2+ innings of relief. The Zambrano Project? We will believe it when we see it. To go off on a tangent t here for a moment, what do Zambrano, Dauner Sanchez, and Julio Lugo all have in common? Yes the are all from Latin America but that�s not it. All three have the same problem. Even though they have live arms and can throw gas all three have trouble with their control and command. In all the stories you read Omar states that a "change of scenery and working with Rick Peterson will help them". Now I like Professor Rick and love reading his philosophy but aren�t we still waiting for Zambrano to make us forget that we trade our top pitching prospect for him? Ok back to the starting rotation, after Trax, Heilman and Zambrano we have the great Unknowns. Brain Bannister has been good at Norfolk and most scouts see him as a 4 or 5. All we know about Aly Soler is it took a long time for him to get here. Yusaku Iriki is a Japanese journeyman again not much here. John Maine has not shown much numbers wise but he does have the Big Four pitches (fastball, curve, slider, change) So as it stands now, we a dealing with a lot of speculation on who will be in the 3 spot in this rotation. Not only that with a fragile Petey and a 40 year old Glavine who gets moved up in case of injury? Then you have the question to Omar of why did you make the Seo for Sanchez deal? There just seems to be a lot of overkill on the bullpen. On Friday I was optimistic that 2006 could be a big season for the Mets but sitting here on Sunday afternoon that optimism seems to be gone. There just has to be another move coming up. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |