The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, January 06, 2006

TOO BOGED DOWN TO BLOG I worked some overtime tonight as the Christmas bills will be here soon so I'm too pooped to pop a real post. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a little somethin' somethin' as I seem to be the only guy that's not mad that Omar traded Bob Gibson.....errrr I mean Jae Seo for some needed bullpen help. Also Carlos Beltran comfirmed something I wrote about last summer that is has been a big adjustment for him living and playing in NYC. When your used to getting in your car and driving 10-15 minnuttes to the ballpark and then come here and spend almost 2 hours in traffic it takes adjusting too. Plus you need to find a peditrican for your kids and a new school. Then you better hope your wife finds a hair salon that see likes. So you see even milionaire ballplayers have adjustment to make in daily life. Hopefully we've heard the last of Manny to the Mets as manny now says he wants to stay in the Hub but as we all know Manny has more mood changes than Sybil. Oh by the way I got my six pack today. No not Pabst Blue Ribbon but my Mets six pack of tickets. I took the Family plan so I could take my kids with me to some games as they just love the DynaMets Dash (that beats waitng to get out of the Shea parking lot after a game) and one of the giveaway days is beach towel day so I have to add to my Mets beach towel collection (I have about 15 Mets beach towels) < |