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Friday, January 13, 2006

SNY COMING INTO FOCUS SNY made it official announcing that Ron Darling will join Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen in the Mets TV booth next season, Now I've read where a few people thought Darling was god awful last season as the analyst on Washington Nats games on MASN but I disagree, I thought Darling for a guy thrown in at the last minute improved as the season went on. Richard Sandomir had a great column on the new crew at SNY and this interesting point about Darling last year: {Darling spent his first year in the booth last season, working with Mel Proctor on 150 Washington Nationals games. He and Proctor met for the first time in a taxicab on the way to their first game, in Philadelphia. "Somehow we pulled off the first game and went on from there," Proctor said by telephone. The arrangements, first to put the Nationals on the air, and second, to hire Proctor and Darling, were made so hastily that Darling slept on Proctor's couch for three weeks before finding his own place. Proctor said that Darling's biggest adjustment was to maintain his energy over 150 games, a greater load than most TV announcers have. "He's usually low-key," Proctor said, "but one game, he came running in late, runs into the booth, out of breath, in a hurry, all pumped up, and it was the best game he ever did. I said, 'Ronnie, that's the energy you need to bring every time.'} First off, Darling will be back in NYC doing games for the organization he grew up in, so that alone will make him a better analyst. Second, he'll be working with the great Gary Cohen and for some games SNY will go with a three-man booth of Darling, Hernandez and Cohen which should bring out the best in Darling. I love that the Skill Sets are bringing back the Mets Alumni either as coaches or as broadcasters. I feel it brings a certain pride to the organization and to Mets fans to have these guys still involved with the Mets. It could also be I'm still hungover from Mark Messier Night last night at the Garden. Everytime I see Eddie Giacomin, I'm reminded of when he was put on waivers by Emile "Cat" Francis and claimed by the Red Wings for $100. Giacomin came back to MSG to face the Rangers and for one night the "GardenFaithful" (Thanks Mark) turned on their team and rooted for the Red Wings. I listened to the game on radio with Marv Albert doing the play by play and started crying when Marv said the Eddie had buried his head in his blocker and was weeping. WOW did I go off on a tangent, sorry about that. Sandomir also says that Tom Seaver will not do any game on TV this season as the commute from Northern California to the week end games were taxing. Can't blame him there, but he and Ralph Kiner will be part of some of the SNY Mets programming. Sandomir also had this which is the best thing Mets fans could hear: {And perhaps no sweeter words could be expressed about the dim prospect of Healy following the Mets to their new network than those uttered on a news media conference call yesterday by Jon Litner, the president of S.N.Y, who said, "He's under contract to MSG for another year." Sanity breaks out.} Amen! (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |