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Sunday, January 29, 2006

THE QUESTION OF THE DAY IS, DOES BILL MADDEN USE ONE HAND TO TYPE HIS METS BASHING STORIES? Bill Madden just loves to kill the Mets. In fact I would say the Mets bashing is an aphrodisiac to Madden as we see with today�s latest bash: {The Mets embarked on their annual winter caravan last week swirling in controversy over the influx of Latin players being acquired by Omar Minaya. It probably didn't help that the day before the caravan began, Minaya traded Kris (and Anna) Benson to the Baltimore Orioles for Venezuelan reliever Jorge Julio and a (very) fringe starting pitching prospect, John Maine. From strictly a baseball standpoint, this doesn't look like a good deal for the Mets, even if it does rid them of a public relations nightmare in Anna Benson and save them about $5 million} We won�t know anything about this deal until the season is in full swing. Sure Julio has problems with command of pitches and tends to go "Benitez" from time to time but his role here is not as the closer. If anything he�s most likely to be behind Sanchez in the bullpen pecking order. How can you cover baseball for the amount of years that Madden has and call John Maine "A fringe starting pitching prospect". Even if he becomes a 4 or 5 starter he still has the potential to make more of a contribution than Kris Benson. If you want to take Omar to task over trading Jae Seo you have an argument but Julio and Maine could make a bigger contribution to the Mets than Benson. I bet if Pee Wee Cashman made a deal where he traded an average pitcher who has a wife that is thisclose to embarrassing herself and the organization for two live young arms and in the process saved the Highlanders about $15 mil, Madden would be lobbying for a monument to Pee Wee in Monument Park. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |