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Thursday, January 05, 2006

OMAR�S END AROUND After the Seo for Sanchez trade yesterday I thought for sure this meant a return to the starting rotation for Aaron Heilman but after reading Omar Minaya�s quotes today, it looks as if The Zambrano Project is penciled in as the 5th starter: {Sanchez, who set up and closed for Los Angeles last season, likely will team with Aaron Heilman as the Mets primary relievers in the seventh and eighth inning. �I feel more comfortable with Heilman and Sanchez, where before I could only say Heilman could do it,� Minaya said.} I bet Heilman felt that he was going back in the rotation as well, but let�s face it he has no leverage as to where he plays, and the fact that he is quite successful against lefties will have him and Sanchez vying for the understudy role to Billy Wagner. Right now Omar seems very happy with his pen, but Omar being Omar he is still looking to add on to the pitching staff: {�Today he�s (Heilman) is in the bullpen,� Minaya said. Victor Zambrano likely will be in the starting rotation, but Minaya also said he was �talking to potential free agents�} I don�t know what free agents he�s looking at unless he�s hoping this trade for Sanchez might be a wake up call for Julian Tavarez and Scot BORE-US and Omar signs him to a realistic contract. (LINK NY DAILY NEWS STORY METS GET BRET BUT LET SEO GO) KAZMAT BETTER BRING HIS A-GAME TO ST. LONESOME It�s on! The great second base compettion is underway. If Omar can�t get the Skill Sets to write off a major portion of Matsui�s contract then he will be in for a fight for the second base job with Anderson Hernandez, Jeff Keppinger and the newly invited Bret Boone. Omar has laid down the gauntlet: {�Matsui has to go out there and play� Minaya said. �It�s not that Matsui has the job won�.It�s fair to say he had an off year. If you ask Willie (Randolph) today, there�s a competition.�} If it were up to Omar, he�d have cut Matsui�s ass a looooong time ago, but it seems the Skill Sets will not give KazMat an $8mil golden parachute, so even though Omar has marked KazMat down to where the Mets will pick up 50 % of the contract, no team is interested until they go to at least 70-75 % off. It looks like he has told the Skill Sets that if he has to keep KazMat he could be a very expensive bench warmer. IT'S GOTTA BE THE SHOES (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |