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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

OMAR PLEASE GIVE DAVID WRIGHT A 20 YEAR DEAL!!!!! Just when you think you've heard the best out of David Wright, you get some more quotes from him that make you think that the commissioners office will be calling soon to say he was drafted a year too early by the Mets or they screwed up his contract papers and he's now a free agent because, I know it sounds like a broken record but this kid sounds too good to be true: {David Wright, however, enjoys baseball so much he's actually looked forward to this camp for a while. So once the calendar hit January, he called the Mets, got the dates, and is the only player from last season's team willingly here for three days of workouts. } They should just give him the keys to the facility and let him used it when ever he wants. {Wright also is the rare professional athlete that admits to reading the sports pages of the newspapers and listening to sports talk radio. He enjoys running into Mets fans on the streets, seeing his own baseball cards and playing video games that have him on it. } I love guys like St. Joseph of Torre who say they never read the papers. What bullshit. I bet Torre could be a proof reader for the Daily News or the Post. Who does he think he is George Bush? {"Sometimes I sit back in New York, look at my locker and just seeing my name right there on a jersey," Wright said, "and it's such a privilege to put that jersey on."} Mets fans sit back and say "Holy shit. This kid plays for us?",0,7014725.story?coll=ny-mets-print (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |