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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

NOBODY PUTS OMAR IN THE CORNER! It doesn�t matter if it�s Vince Namoli or Stuart Sternberg or Chuck LaMar or Gerry Hunsicker or some 12 year old with a V.P. title next to his name, the D-Rays are still the worst run organization in pro sports. Dany�s Baez working as a closer for the bottom feeder Rays is as useless as Nicole Richie�s bra. Sure Baez saved 41 games last year but when you save games that mean absolutely nothing who really gives a shit? Omar Minaya offered Jae Seo, Kaz Matsui plus enough cash to cover 75 % of Matsui�s contract for Danys Baez and Julio Lugo but someone in charge of trades, the Rays are one of these teams with no real GM., either Andrew Friedman (who is listed above Gerry Hunsicker on the master head of front office personnel) or Gerry Hunsicker is taking a page out of Chuck LaMar�s "How to Ruin a Major League Franchise" Book and are asking for Aaron Heilman instead. No matter how Omar says it the Rays can�t get it thru their heads that the Mets are not parting with Heilman. I mean how many times do you think you can bend the Mets over and violate them? Seo on the Rays becomes the #2 starter and with Matsui playing on his favorite surface, fake turf, at a discount price he could be what we were promised he would be. You get a young starting pitcher who came into his own last season and by adding Matsui it gives top prospect B.J. Upton a little more time to get his glove up to par in AAA Durham. But common sense baseball decisions are as foreign as blizzards in Tampa. With Omar running out of patients it looks like he has turned to the Dodgers as a trading partner. Reports are all over stating that the Mets will ship Jae Seo to the Dodgers for RH reliever Dauner Sanchez. Sanchez is a very intriguing choice for Omar as he seems to be the perfect set up man/closer in training who is able to pitch the 8th inning and is a work horse. Sanchez has a plus fastball and a splitter that is deadly to right handed batters. His minuses are lack of command of his curve and his control needs some work. Hopefully working with Professor Rick will solve that problem. Another plus in Sanchez� corner is he is a "0 to 3" which is what Omar calls guys the team can control for that length of time before arbitration eligibility goes into effect. So now if Seo is shipped West it moves Aaron Heilman into the rotation, maybe as high as the 3 spot, where he seems to be the most comfortable. It also puts the bullpen in focus as well: Wagner Sanchez Bradford Zambrano The one problem here is the only lefty is Wagner, so Matt Pershio, Tim Hamulack, Royce Ring, Darren Oliver and Pedro Feliciano will fight for a spot as the LOOGY unless Heath Bell and Juan Padilla can pitch so good that Omar and Willie do something radical like take the 6 best relievers North.,0,7751798.story?coll=ny-mets-print (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |