The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, January 09, 2006

METS OPEN MINI CAMP IN ST. LONESOME And of course the first guy there was David Wright. My God, does this kid ever rest? Please Freddy, just give the kid a lifetime deal and a piece of the team. In fact put Jeffy up for adoption and take in Wright as your male heir. Another famliar face at the mini camp was Darryl Strawberry who seems like he really wants to be a part of the organization but with his fights with his deamons just can't get over that hump. I really feel for Straw as he wants to walk the straight and narrow and wants to show the young Mets farmhands that his way was the wrong way. It's hard not to root for him whereas Doc Gooden comes off like he couldn't give a shit about anything or anyone. < |