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Friday, January 20, 2006

METS GET A LITTLE CLOSER TO A NEW PALAITIAL PALACE With a little luck, the New York Mets will be in a new home for the start of the 2009 season. The cost of the new digs is stated at $600 mil (is that with or without the graft to be paid to numerous crime families in the Metropolitan area?) to be financed thru a bond act. Hey I don�t care where the money comes from, shit my property taxes are going thru the sky as it is and since I�m paying for shit that I don�t use, like the public school system, I�d kick in another couple of bucks to finance the stadium. You could even have two little boxes to where you want your extra tax money to go, either a new Shea Stadium or Highlander Stadium. Of course there will be the usual assholes that will try and throw cold water on this project, as they like to do with every other project in this city. The worst are the schmucks in Downtown Brooklyn who are against Bruce Ratner�s Atlantic Yards project. As someone who grew up just a few miles from that area let me tell you, that back in the day, the only reason you went to that part of Brooklyn was to either go to the dentist, (One Hansen Pl) to score heroin, or eat cheesecake at Juniors. And as a person of the Caucasian persuasion, as the sun went down, you better get out of town. That has all changed. The same way you can walk down Times Square with a $1,000 camera and not get a knife in your back, you can walk the streets of Downtown Brooklyn and not need mace, brass knuckles or hardware from Smith & Weston. A new arena with a hotel and shops and restaurants will be a huge boon to Brooklyn. Yes I know I�m off the Mets chart here but it�s the middle of January and I can only dissect the �06 bullpen so much that my eyes cross over. But back to the new Shea. Over at Fear and Faith in Flushing, they did a nice job of what should be at the new ballpark. I would add a few of my own special touches if I could: NAME THE BALL PARK AFTER JACKIE ROBINSON I know this has little chance of happening as naming rights equal big bucks but if a ball park was primed to be named after Robinson it�s the home of the NYC National League entry. You could sell the naming rights with the stadium name like Jackie Robinson Stadium at Rhiengold Plaza (just to pick a corporate name) and let Rhiengold have the bulk of the signage in and around the bullpen. OVERHAUL THE FOOD CONSESSION I would love to be in charge of stocking the food concessions at the new ballpark. There has to be a food court that could be like the ballpark in Philadelphia that lines around the ballpark. Instead of cheesteakes and bar-b-que, I would build a Blarney Stone with a big steam table and with Rhiengold and Knickerbocker beer on tap. I would also add a Gray�s Papaya (2 hot dogs and a drink $2.50). Katz�s Deli would get a spot, as would Frankie and Johnnies from the Pines with their great Italian cuisine. Add in Chinese, Thai and even a Golden Krust Bakery for a little Caribbean flavor, and last but not least Foods from Latin America. I�d have a Mr. Softiee truck built in to the park and an old time candy store as well with of course, Egg Creams! My food court would be the talk of baseball. ALL USHER MUST WEAR CLEAN PANTS There is nothing worse at Shea than an 80 year old usher with a continence problem cleaning your seat for you. The ushers and concession workers at Shea are, there is no polite way to say this, slobs! That all ends at Jackie Robinson Park. All ballpark workers will wear khakis and crisp blue shirts with orange NY�s on the breast pocket. The will have to complete a course on how to treat �customers� with respect and dignity. I would plant people in the crowd and the first usher/concessioner that gets nasty, will be fired on the spot. BATHROOMS, BATHROOMS AND MORE BATHROOMS With all the Rhiengold that will consumed, the new park will need plenty of piss-a-rias to releive the masses. Instead of urinals though I would have troughs a la Wrigley Field but the troughs would be set up like an amusement park game with a target of Roger Clemens face with a bulls eye right in his mouth with a baseball balloon attached to the top of his head. First guy to blow up the balloon wins a prize. AN ACESSABLE METS HALL OF FAME Right now the only way to see the Mets World Series trophies and busts of members of the Mets Hall of Fame is to gain access to the Diamond Club. That has to change at the new place. Open it up to everyone!!! BLEACHERS! I agree with Faith and Fear, the new Mets home needs to have outfield bleachers that you don�t need bring an empty soda can on a night the has a full moon and is not a Friday to gain access to. No assigned seats just first come first serve and day of game sale. Hell, I�d even put Rusty Staub out there with a grill and he could be our Boog Powell. UPDATE: The fellows at Faith and Fear have linked a story from that details what the new ballpark will look like. I just love this description: {Reddish brown brick, limestone and a series of arches with exposed steel would adorn the exterior of the new facility, which would be built in the parking lot east of Shea. The club said in the proposal it wants to evoke images of Ebbets Field, where the Brooklyn Dodgers played before moving to Los Angeles for the 1958 season, and the bridges that connect Manhattan to the city's other four boroughs. A main entrance into the stadium would be through a curved archway under a four-story, 100,000-square-foot building that would house Mets offices and retail space. The building would be in right field of the ballpark and have a porch with seating overhanging the field, according to the plans. A glass-enclosed, 500-seat restaurant in right field would be reserved for season-ticket holders, while a second restaurant in the upper level behind home plate would be open to all fans. Ten suites behind home plate would offer views into batting tunnels underneath the stadium. A suite level would house 35 luxury boxes and five party suites with lounges and bars along the glass-enclosed concourse. } They had me at reddish brown brick. That's what my house is made of. I also love the Ebbets Field approach as well as the Skill Sets and I are sons of Boro of Kings so an all Brooklyn theme is fine by me. As much as I feel that Shea is well past it's usefulness and as Mets fans we are sooooooooo desevring of a new home, I just know I will cry like a baby when the wrecking ball takes down Shea. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |