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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

METS FANS IN WONDERLAND Open up the paper today and work your way thru the Giants post-mortems and the stories on the latest Jets coaching failure, you find the spiritual enlighten section a/k/a Mets News: 1.Sure Aaron Heilman wants to be in the starting rotation but according to Omar Minaya, Heilman is on board with what�s good for the Mets and that�s Heilman in the bullpen: {�He (Heilman) has told us, if the opportunity came to start, he would like to start, but he�ll do whatever is in the best interest of the team� the GM said} As it stands now, Alay Soler and Brian Bannister will get starts during spring training. 2.More info on the Mike Pelfry signing, he gets a $3.5 mil signing bonus and he�s guaranteed $5.3 mil and being that it�s a major league deal Pelfry will go on the 40 man roster. Speaking of number one picks Philip Humber tested out his surgically repaired right elbow by doing some soft toss and seems to be on the road to recovery. 3.Then the one piece of news that was most welcome was Willie Randolph saying the 2nd base job is an open competetion. After reading that I turned to Baseball Prospectus and read this in a story about the progress of major and minor leaguers in winter baseball: Regular Season All-Stars Second Baseman � Anderson Hernandez (Licey � Mets) .307/.352/.386 The Mets prospect formed an entertaining double play and top of the lineup combination with the Angels prospect SS Erick Aybar. The fans dubbed them �Los Menores,� which could translate as "The Under-Aged" or simply "The Minors" in English. Hernandez drove in 22 runs, played solid defense and in general gave Licey a steady performance at the position after D�Angelo Jimenez failed to produce with the bat. For his efforts, Hernandez was selected as Rookie of the Year. The Dominican League was the third in which Hernandez would hit above .300 in 2005, a great improvement from his years in the Detroit system. He did a much better job making contact (a strikeout every 8.3 at bats compared with one every five in the minors) but his walk rate remained sub-optimal for a player with his offensive skills. Let the competetion begin!!! KEPPINGER BACK IN ACTION Saying he's 100 % from from a getting his knee cap fractured by gutless Felix Martinez of Charlotte, Jeff Keppinger is inSt. Lonesome for the 3 day mini camp and he's ready to take on all comers for the Mets 2nd base job. CASTRO CONVERTABLE (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |