The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, January 13, 2006

Mets Daily has a Q & A with Mike Pelfry's pitching coach from Wichita State, Brent Kemnitz, and he just has just about named Pelfry as the second coming: {PA: What rotation slot do you see Mike sliding into in the majors? BK: I have so much respect for the bigs. I've been a baseball fan since I was 4-5 years old and I totally respect the bigs so. For me to say he'll be an ace in the bigs and this or that - I'm not just shooting from the hip - you're making strong statements because I know what that entails but when you watch him and see what he is capable of doing and his makeup and project him into the future, I promise there are starters in the bigs not as good as he is at his age. He'll improve and handle pressure in bigs. I had Randy Johnson in Alaska in 1984 and he's been a superstar and future Hall of Famer and he was gifted and continued to improve and Pelfrey is the same kind of guy, but for him to be an ace at bigs his maturity has to continue to improve.} YIKES! http:// < |