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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mat Cerrone is back posting over at MetsBlog and he has a post on Omar Minaya's appearence with Don Imus this morning on WFAN. Imus asked Omar about the ridculous too manny Latins comments by fans and broadcasters and Omar, as he has said time and time again, is looking for the best players he can get no matter their ethnicity. He also said he won't use "the race" card because he feels it's tossed around too much. AMEN TO THAT! I don't agree with every move that Omar makes but what I like is he's a very classy guy and his goal is to make the Mets into a winner. He also shows a great sense of humor: {Though he acknowledged that team officials were disappointed with Anna Benson's risqu� attire at the team's Holiday Party, Minaya denied the rumor that he traded RHP Kris Benson to the Orioles because of the pitcher's wife. Jokingly, Minaya added, "I'm pretty sure that Willie Randolph, who was taking a lot of the pictures with her [at the holiday party] was fine, we had to keep telling him, 'keep your eyes on the kids, Willie."�} I don't balme you Willie. My eyes would be glued to those puppies as well. Can you imagine if Studly Steve Phillips was still the GM with Anna around? (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |