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Monday, January 02, 2006

IN A HOLDING PATTERN Not much Mets news today. But I did see this from Jon Heyman in yesterday's NEWSDAY: {The Mets inquired about bringing back Jeff Kent, but the Dodgers rejected those overtures. While Alfonso Soriano and/or Jose Vidro are logical second-base targets, Willie Randolph's dead-on lukewarm take on Soriano basically kills that idea.} Kent was the biggest douchebag to play for the Mets since Richie Hebner but I would bring him back in a heartbeat. Can you imagine his bat in this lineup? Who would you pitch around? The big question is would he be up to returning to NY because his red neck ass really hated the Big Apple. Heyman also mentions Soriano and make a head scratching remark latter on in his column: {Rangers. New GM Jon Daniels (from Bayside, Queens) got rid of declining, overrated Alfonso Soriano, then added much-needed pitching later. Grade: B-plus} Wasn't Heyman the same guy who was slaming the Mets for not trading Jose Reyes for Soriano?,0,5612056.column?page=2&coll=ny-yankees-print (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |