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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I wrote this post yesterday but got side tracked at work (major renavations are being done to our office and it's been a nightmare getting work done) so I didn't get a chance to post it last night. I figured that I put it up now while I read over the plethora of Mets news in the papers today as the Mets Caravan rolls into town. The two blohards that do the 1-6:30 show on WFAN will have full Mets coverage today. Hopfully Russo's Klan meeting in New Caan won't run late. METS FANS PLAY THE RACE CARD I�m sitting here knocking out some paper work while listing to Francessa and Russo bring up �the Mets are heavily Hispanic� angle and listing to some of these so called Mets fans call in on the subject, I must say I�m kind of shocked by some of the comments. Some of these folks are quite agitated about the ethnic makeup of the team. A quick look at the Mets 40 man roster shows there are 14 players hailing from Latin America on the team. Sure, Omar seems to have added a lot more talent not only on the 40 man but all through the organization from Latin countries. But if you think he is bringing on guys just because they are Hispanic then you�re an idiot! In fact you�re an idiot of the Fillip Bondy, Spike Lee variety. It�s no secret to regular readers of this site that I hate Fillip Bondy. It�s not just because he�s never writen anything positive about the Mets or that he feels the dregs of the South Bronx bleachers are worthy of a book written about them (since I doubt any of them have ever read a book) my feelings for Bondy go back over 20 years. Back in the mid 70�s the Mets were a lost franchise when it was announced that Fred Wilpon and Nelson Doubleday had bought the team it was the first good news to come out of Shea in years. It was then announced that Frank Cashen was coming over from the Orioles to run the Mets; there was finally some structure in the organization. As we know when the Wilpon/Doubleday/Cashen group took over the Mets started to become a team to be reckoned with. Most of the media wrote and reported the rebirth of the Mets with positive stories all that is but Bondy. Bondy�s big story was that the Mets were �too white� in fact he interview some African-American�s who said they felt they could not root for the Mets because they had too many white players. That column still pisses me off to this day. Spike Lee is a little racist shit ass. Lee had been a Mets fan his whole life but he also felt the Mets were too white and has made that statement many times. So that�s why he switched to rooting for the Highlanders. The same Highlanders that were as bad as the Yawkey Red Sox when it came to integration. I bring all this up because I can�t believe there are Mets fans out there that are mad that Omar Minaya has gone out and traded and signed a good number of Latin players. Does it really bother people that much? I could care less to tell you the truth. I just want a winner. Brown, Black, White or Martian makes no difference to me. You want to call them �Los Mets� and worry about where a guy was born rather than worry if he can hit or throw strikes, that�s you problem. I just want to call them World Champion Mets. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |