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Friday, January 27, 2006

AS WE WAVE GOOD BYE TO THE METS CARAVAN, IT�S TIME TO TIE UP SOME LOOSE ENDS ITEM: OH GIVE ME A HOME WHERE MIKE PIAZZA WILL ROAM It must be a bit humbling to Mike Piazza that no one seems to beating down his door for his services. In fact, it�s come down to his agent calling the Highlanders soliciting for work. Give Pee Wee Cashman credit, he told agent Lozano that the Highlanders have reached their quota on over the hill players but thanks for calling. Toronto is also a rumored destination as is the North Side of Chicago, South Philly, and San Diego. Piazza reminds me of Kelly LeBrock who is on the reality show Celebrity Fit Club. LeBrock looks nothing like she did back in the 80�s when she was a quality piece of tail. Now she�s trying to drop a ton and get back to her hotty ways. Piazza is in the same boat. He looks like an aging diva begging for work. The big problem with Piazza is usually guys of his age and stature are of value to a club as a veteran presence in the clubhouse and the bench. Piazza�s has never been that kind of player and what he is now is strictly a DH. Why give him $2-$3 mil for a one dimensional player when for half that price you can get a guy that puts out the same or better offensive numbers plus can give you innings in the field. ITEM: JUAN SAMUEL NAMED MANAGER OF THE B-METS What�s next Mel Rojas as pitching coach? Mackey Sasser catching instructor? My top memory of Samuel�s short time with the Mets, was when first base coach Bill Robinson had to go to Samuel�s apartment in Corona to get him from under his bed. It seems there was a shooting outside Samuel�s building and it scared the shit out of him. Samuel has paid his dues as he was the Tigers 3rd base coach for 4 seasons and before that he coached 1st base for 3 seasons. ITEM: WELCOME TO CONEY ISLAND GEORGE GREER I don�t know why teams don�t do this more often with low A or Rookie teams and hire a college coach to work with the green prospects. It seems like a great fit as that level of minor league ball is all about development and it also shows me that maybe the Mets have realized that winning at Brooklyn should not be a priority over developing sound fundamentals players. Greer has had a very successful career at Wake Forest and in the Cape Cod League so you know he can work with young players. This is a great move by Mets management. ITEM: W-B-C YA LATER Back in November I was pro World Baseball Championships but now I�m ready to pull a John Kerry and do a flip-flop and join the anti-WBC crowd. I�m sick of A-Fraud with his trans-ethnicity and Petey will play then Petey will not play and Barry Bonds bowing out from Olympic drug testing-itis. Then you have the Cubans No. The Cubans Si` and the over and under set at 6 for defections by Cuban players. It seems like a lot of work and aggravation just to sell a few t-shirts. Just give me a good old fashion spring training. ITEM: FAREWELL TO AAROM BALDERIS, ANGEL PAGAN, AND TIKE REDMAN The Mets waived all three. Balderis was claimed by the Texas Rangers, Pagan by the Cubs and Redman is still in wavier limbo. I�ll give you a few minutes to compose yourself over the loss. Remember Ice Williams is only a phone call away. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |