The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP IT'S BEEN The transit strike going on here in NYC has thrown off my schedule by a lot. That plus last minute holiday festivities (hey Christmas parties still have to be attend mass transit or none) have taken a bit of a toll on my blogging life. I will say this, I'm kind of torn here on how I feel about this strike. While I'm always for "sticking it to the man" especially when the man is shithead like MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow (Hey Kids! you too can get a great high paying government job, just become a major fund raiser for the GOP) Kalikow is so inept he could be the successor to The Used Car Salesman for baseball commissioner. But this strike is illegal and is hurting only the lower and middle class of the city. Not just that ,as I walked around lower Manhattan yesterday, most of the small business were closed as the owners and workers of these establishments relay on mass transit to get to work. The longer this strike goes on the worse it gets for the transit workers who do not enjoy a great reputation in this town as is this major inconvenience to New Yorkers lives makes it even worse. Enough strike talk on to the Mets. PETEY'S WOE OF TOE So Petey's toe is hurts and he has not been able to start his throwing regime. I guess as a Mets fan I should be very concerned over this but to me it's just a smokescreen for Petey to get out of pitching for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic and still save face. "Hey I'd love to compete but I'm hurt" is the Petey refrain. If his toe was so bad and the Mets so concerned on why he has not healed properly since September, I would think they would have had him sent special delivery to NYC and Lenox Hill hospital for a through check up. If Petey's toe still hurts come March, then Ill show some concern. < |