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Saturday, December 31, 2005

THERE�S A RUMBLE OF THUNDER COMING FROM FLUSHING It looks as though the calm I wrote about earlier this week at the Mets offices is about to become a loud roar as parts of the Mets puzzle are starting to fall in place. First off I�d like to give a tip of the Mets cap to Gotham Baseball who may have gotten one right as they were the first ones with details of the four-way deal that seems to be brewing between the Mets-Red Sox-Orioles and D-Rays. Deals of this magnitude almost never come off due to not only the money owed on contracts but all the little incidentals that are included in some players deals as well. This one though seems to have legs as the Daily News and the Star-Ledger are touting it in the mainstream. It seems in the deal the Mets end up losing Kris Benson, KazMat and Jae Seo and bringing back Manny, Dannys Baez and Julio Lugo. If Omar pulls this off without giving up Lastings Milledge or Aaron Heilman then the Executive of the Year Award should be renamed The Omar. Now it seems that the reason the Mets are looking to trade Benson besides a money dump is that Aaron Heilman has let it be known he wants to be in the starting rotation instead of being a set up man. Heilman has done what�s been asked of him by the Mets by going to Winter Ball and stretching out his arm and going 4-1 2.27 era in 6 starts to show that his late bloomer of a season in �05 is no fluke. In fact if this mega deal does not go through I can see Omar going to the D-rays to get Baez using Seo or even Trachsel to make room for Heilman in the rotation. Next week could be a head spinning one for Mets fans. DARLING AND MEX ARE A GOOD MIX According to the Klapper, SNY has signed former Met Ron Darling to join Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen on Mets telecasts. Besides the fact that the Mets games will be must see TV due to the team on the field the addition of Darling to the TV booth is a major plus. I heard him doing color on Nationals games last year with Mel Proctor and thought he was very good. Now match him with his pal Mex, well I can�t wait to hear the stories they come up with. I have a feeling a lot of stuff will be of the "read between the lines" variety so us "older folks" who were around for the great run of the mid 80's may have to translate for the youngin�s. I would just like to wish a happy and more importantly a healthy new year to each and everyone who clicks on to this site. I appreciate all the comments and e-mails and let's hope there is a ticker tape parade in our future. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |