The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

THE SKILL SETS HAVE AN EYE ON TEAM FISH STICKS Did you know there was a Mets Development Corp? Me either until I read this story in NEWSDAY. It looks like Freddy Skill Sets has put in a very nice bid to tear down the Nassau Mausolieum and build a brand new arena for Mike Milburry and his Icelanders to suck in. Charlie Wang the current owner (Hey anyone remember the John Spano's years in Nassau? Great times eh!) has also put in a bid so it will be up to current Nassau County Capo Tom $uozzi and his gang of thieves to rule on who gets to line their pockets with tax payer cash. If Freddy Skill Sets wins maybe he can get $uozzi to kick in an extra $54 mil for a certain left fielder from New England. The prize Freddy has his eye on is Team Fish Sticks as if he gets the bid, Wang will most likely sell the team. If The Skill Sets do acquire the Fish Sticks then that's where we will part company as I am a die hard Rangers fan so the will be no Billy Harris Society here .,0,5607482.story?coll=ny-sports-headlines < |