The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, December 23, 2005

PARTY ON GARTH! The worst part of the NYC Transit workers going back on the job is I have to go back to working in Queens. I've been spoiled the last four days as I have worked out of our Manhattan office down in TriBeca, a neighborhood I frequented during the days of my wayward youth as there were plenty of clubs and freaks, two of my favorite things back in the day (mid 70's to late 80's) But one of the draw backs about that office is most of the fellas there are hard core Highlander fans. I mean the place is festooned with Highlander propaganda. When they heard I was coming to stay the duration of the strike, my cell would ring with threats of "Don't bring any of you Mets shit here" Which in turn would make me respond "Kiss my Blue and Orange ass, shithead" See you can do this when you've known guys over 20 years and been in the trenches. But all baseball team alliances were to be put to the side as the Great Christmas Party of 2005 was to get under way. Now in the next office from us is two different city agencies. Both of which employ some very lovely ladies of Latin descent. So as the guest arrive for the party, some of the ladies see my Mets jacket on the rack and are very surprised. They know the office is staunch Highlander territory and they want to know who the Mets fan is. So the fella's introduce me as their "asshole Mets fan pal from the Queens office" Well it seems a couple of these ladies are from the Dominican Republic and one even knows Petey's family. Another lovely young lady is Puerto Rican and of course is very interested in Carlos Beltran. They were so happy to have another Mets fan around as they are sick of taking shit from the Highlander fans. To say the least it was a wonderful party with a mix of people and cultures you can only find in NYC. When the salsa music came on my "fellow Mets" fans dragged me on the dance floor to teach me how to tango (Aye Papi, you move so nice!) It's great to know that sometimes it really is good to be a Mets fan. < |