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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

OMAR, YOUR KILLING ME!!!!!!!!! Last night the hot story was Kris Benson to the Royals for Mike MacDougal and Jeremy Affeldt. The word all night was the deal is imminent so of course I gave up some good sleeping time watching ESPNEWS waiting for that little box on the left hand side to blink "BREAKING NEWS METS TRADE BENSON TO KC" by 12:30AM I gave up and went to bed. Now it seems the someone got to Alard Baird and told him he's getting fleeced here so now the deal is if the Mets take Affeldt the get a prospect as well. If they take MacDougal then that's all you get. So I guess Omar told Baird to get lost. As it stands now the deal is in limbo but I bet Omar holds out and gets both for Benson. MacDougal is very interesting as the set up man as he hits the gun at 100 mph and it would give the Mets flexibility in moving Aaron Heilman back to the rotation. Affleldt is a guy with a plus fastball and a potentially lethal curve. At 27 he has yet to break out mostly due to control and command problems and we all know that Professor Rick is the man you want to help a pitcher with control and command problems. But just when you think you've heard all the Mets trade rumors there are out comes Barry Zito to the Mets. Now this is where Omar has me by the nuts because you would figure that Lastings Milledge will have to be in the package to get Zito. If it were anyone else I'd give a big thumbs down but I LOVE BARRY ZITO!!!! and what's not to love. He's 28 and has a Cy Young trophy on his mantle. He is a workhorse as he throws over 200 innings every season. We all know about his museum quality 12 to 6 curve as well. It is very tough for me to say this but if Omar has to give up Milledge to get Zito then it has to be done. What makes it tough for me to say go ahead and put Milledge in the deal is not just the fact that Milledge looks to be on a David Wright track to the big leagues but after Milledge the Mets farm system takes on a scorched earth look. As I've brought up before due to these moves Omar will have to stock Norfolk with the Ice Williams's of the baseball world and if the team gets hit with an injury or two or three the Mets are screwed. With a team with key players on the sunset side of 30 the threat of these injuries has me concerned. Omar is like a person maxing out his credit card he has no worries when or how he's going to pay the bill when it comes due. I guess my biggest worry is say Omar gets Zito and the bullpen pitchers from KC and say the Mets go all the way and win the World Series we will all get drunk and puke in the streets after the parade and have a grand old time. But then say in 2007 or 2008 the bill comes due and the Mets can't pay it. They can't make that deal for the guy the want because the don't have the chips to deal (doesn't this sound like what's going on in the South Bronx today?) is it all worth it? Do these moves give us one great season of baseball and then another 10 years of struggle? (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON TH ETIME OF THIS POSTING) < |